The 5 Most Hated Heels in Wrestling in 2020

MJF top 5 hated heels in wrestling

It is difficult for wrestlers to draw heat in modern wrestling. Fans love rooting for the bad guys, but still, there are some wrestlers that can still draw heat. They may not have fans on the edge of rioting, yet these wrestlers know how to work up a crowd. Wrestling fans are anticipating the next chapter in WrestleMania this April. Fans can visit to get a bet bonus and tips before wagering on the matches at WrestleMania and in other top combat sports. It takes a lot to make wrestling fans angry these days and the grapplers on this list are doing it right. 

  1. Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler’s vampire-bite gimmick may have been mind-numbing and illogical to some fans, but this tough lady is a solid heel in the squared circle. Her best work to make the fans angry has so far come outside the ring, however. After being criticized by a father of WWE-watching children on Twitter, Baszler blasted the dad calling his parenting skills into question. Wrestling needs more stars insulting fans on social media.

  1. King Corbin

King Corbin has a lot of heat and could be higher on this list if it wasn’t for one thing. A lot of the heat he has is ‘go home heat’. Corbin has been around for some time but more recently has become a wrestler the WWE is putting into main event positions. His feud with Roman Reigns has elevated him and built on the King of the Ring win last year. He isn’t the first WWE star to be rammed down the throat of fans. 

  1. Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar has no equal in wrestling. He continues to be the face of the WWE as its champion although whether he still moves the needle in ratings is debatable. Lesnar is a classic monster heel that pulverizes opponents. In classic heel fashion, Lesnar has a mouthpiece with Paul Heyman doing all of his interviews. Lesnar is such a heel that he doesn’t work most Raw episodes leaving the fans without seeing the champion. 

  1. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho may have the fans of AEW singing along to his entrance music, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a top heel in the business. Jericho’s entourage, the Inner Circle, is filled with a heater (Jake Hager) and three other guys that can take the butt-kicking the AEW champion avoids. It is a classic heel faction with Jericho pulling the strings. Part of Jericho’s heel appeal is he is much older than many of the young stars in AEW. He also seems to be going through a mid-life crisis getting a tattoo sleeve and continuing to wear his hair long despite it thinning. All of these things are very hateable for AEW’s young audience. 

  1. MJF

MJF is the best heel in the business and possibly the best for the last decade. He doesn’t just get heat on camera but has said things in interviews that could get him in trouble with the promotion’s roster. MJF has criticized other wrestlers for not studying veterans of the business. Perhaps if they did, they too could entice fans to jump the guardrails. MJF’s feud with Cody Rhodes has thus far been brilliant in AEW. Hopefully, the company will continue using MJF strongly, otherwise, the WWE could make him into an even bigger star. 

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