Preview: Explosive Pro Wrestling (EPW) – Going For Broke (3/7/20)

EPW Going for Broke

EPW returns this Saturday with Going For Broke, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. This weekend, ‘The Godfather’ Davis Storm will lay his near two-decade career on the line for a shot at Marcius Pitt’s EPW Coastal Championship. Also on the card are a number of highly regarded rising stars aiming to define their paths in 2020. We will also see a special 4-Way Number One Contenders Match.

Let’s dive into the action now.

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4-Way Coastal Contenders Match: Gavin McGavin vs Taylor King vs Dan Steel vs ??

The winner of the high-stakes career vs title match slated for later in the evening won’t have long to soak in the accolades. The next challenger for the EPW Coastal Championship is set to be defined in this epic 4-Way encounter.

The first entrant into this matchup is none other than ‘The Real Wrestler’ Gavin McGavin. With a victory here, McGavin will be one step closer to achieving his dream of becoming a Triple Double Champion in EPW.

Standing in McGavin’s way will be ‘The Child Star’ Taylor King, who is looking to earn his first opportunity at singles gold.

The third man in the matchup is one half of the current EPW Tag Team Champions, Dan Steel. With Plague already running roughshod over the EPW tag team division, Steel will be hoping to add another championship to his waist. This may happen if he wins on Saturday and challenges for the EPW Coastal Championship.

As of writing the forth entrant is yet to announced.

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Bruno Nitro vs Junior Li

After being exiled from The Children, Junior Li returns to EPW to begin forging a path of his own. In order to do so, Li will test himself against another rising star, in the form of Bruno Nitro. In his previous outing, Nitro impressed everyone. This was especially true in his most recent performance against former EPW Champion Gavin McGavin, despite falling short of victory.

Which youngster will walk out of Going For Broke with an important victory and a more defined career path ahead of them?

EPW Going for Broke
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Tipene vs Aaron Hawk

The EPW Tag Team Champions Plague (Aaron Hawk & Dan Steel) have been terrorising EPW since they arrived on the scene. Simultaneously The Taskforce (Tipene & Jack Edwards) have been gaining steam. Thus, they have been quickly growing into the biggest fan favourites in EPW.

On Saturday, members of each team will square off in singles competition. A victory in this one for Tipene could thrust The Taskforce into title contention in an instant.

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Dan Moore & Bobby Marshall vs The Untouchables (Damian Slater & Julian Ward)

Following Hot Summer’s Night back at the beginning of February, these two teams have come out with their careers at a crossroads.

For The Untouchables team of Slater and Ward, both men failed in their quests for singles glory. As such, they are now looking to get back on track by once again. They will combine their talents to go after tag team glory. A win over former EPW Tag Tag Champions on Saturday will certainly place them in the conversation.

In regards to Marshall and Moore, both men are seemingly in the midst of mid-career crisis’. With Marshall, one of EPW’s most vicious competitors, mentoring Moore, could this duo prove successful?

Edith Night vs Casey Johns

After travelling to the east coast of Australia, competing in Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA),Wrestling GO!, and Newcastle Pro Wrestling (Newy Pro), Edith Night is now a more experienced competitor and is ready to make her Gate One debut at home in EPW. Night is in for a difficult debut, though, as she will be facing South Australia’s Casey Johns.

Whilst new to EPW, Johns is by no means a rookie. In fact, Johns is a former Riot City Wrestling (RCW) champion, having squared off with the likes of Rhea Ripley (FKA Demi Bennett) and Indi Hartwell.

Will the hometown advantage help Night? Or will the destructive Johns prove to be too difficult of a challenge for the debutant?

EPW Going for Broke
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Del Cano vs Jay Taylor

Fifteen-year veteran Jay Taylor has made it very clear that he is disgusted by the attention and fanfare being directed towards the emerging stars of EPW. These youngsters have all graduated from the EPW School Of Pro Wrestling. Thus, they earned their spots on the roster. Nonetheless, Taylor believes they are being handed premiere opportunities far too soon.

This weekend Taylor looks to take out his frustrations on the man responsible for training the next generation, Del Cano. 

Del Cano is a trainer at the EPW School. He has witnessed first hand the blood, sweat, and tears the young athletes have put in to get to where they are now. As such, De Cano finds the utter disrespect being shown by Taylor abhorrent. He has used this anger to bring out a side of himself the EPW faithful have never seen before.

On Saturday, these two combustible and angry men will finally get to unleash upon one another.

EPW Going for Broke
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Career Versus Title (EPW Coastal Championship): Marcius Pitt (c) vs Davis Storm

Never has a match in EPW had so much riding on the outcome. A living legend and veteran of the Australian wrestling scene, Davis Storm, will place his almost two-decade-long career on the line. On this day, he battles EPW Coastal Champion Marcius Pitt.

These two men have some of the most decorated resumes in all of Australian wrestling. Pitt has been competing since 2006, becoming a five-time EPW Champion, three-time EPW Tag Team Champion, and the current EPW Coastal Champion. Meanwhile, Storm has been around since 2001 and is a six-time EPW Champion, three-time tag team champion and a five-time wrestler of the year!

Throughout his career, Storm has consistently proven himself to be one of the toughest men to lace up a pair of boots. He has certainly earned his moniker as ‘The Godfather of Australian Wrestling’. His one downfall though may prove to be his unbreakable pride. This is especially evident after being goaded into staking his career for a shot at the EPW Coastal Championship by Pitt.

When these two step into the ring, everything is at stake!

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