#AndNEW: Jon Moxley Wins AEW World Championship At Revolution

Jon Moxley

Unscripted violence has officially led to championship gold. Jon Moxley is the new AEW World Champion after defeating Chris Jericho in the main event of Revolution.

Jon Moxley becomes the second champion in the history of the title, ending Jericho’s reign at 182 days. The win came in a brutal brawl between the two long time storied rivals. Moxley was busted open early when he smashed his head off the ring bell on a powerbomb by Jericho. The now-former champion made a focus on the injured eye of Moxley, but by the end of the match, we learned it was all for not. The Inner Circle were all involved, with Ortiz using the baseball filled sock, Jake Hager clubbing Moxley, and Sammy Guevara doing the most damage by smashing in Moxley’s face with the championship belt. But none of it was enough.

Jericho raked out the left eye of Moxley, seemingly leaving him blind to do anything in the rest of the bout. But Mox had enough to plant Jericho with an instant Paradigm Shift DDT. That was when Moxley would rise to his feet to reveal that his eye that had been injured over a month ago was healed. He kicked Jericho in the gut to hit the lifted Paradigm Shift DDT and win the AEW World Championship.

After the win, Moxley got on the microphone to thank the fans who stayed with him from the beginning. Through all of the ups and downs, they finally got the moment they all had been waiting for. Mox made it known that he will not be hiding behind the title and is ready for all comers. But after this win, it was time for some whiskey. A monumental moment in the history of AEW. The question for Moxley is simple. Who steps up first?

The options are endless.

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