The Harsh Reality: AEW Revolution 2020

AEW Revolution was a great pay-per-view. It certainly wasn’t the best show under the AEW banner, but the Chicago crowd did one hell of a job to make it look like it was the best thing they have ever seen. From start to finish, it mostly the right chord with the audience. Although the show was not perfect, which we will get to later, considering what WWE is doing at the moment, AEW Revolution was paradise.

Having watched both WWE Super ShowDown and AEW Revolution in the span of two days, I have one question though- Why does a pay-per-view need to be so long?

Best: AEW tag team championship match

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega vs Young Bucks is definitely an early contender for the ‘Match of the Year’. After spending years together in different promotions, all four men know each other inside out. So, they made sure that their match would be the biggest talking point coming out of the pay-per-view.

From the storyline to the move-set, everything was booked to perfection. They kept everyone at the edge of their seat even after the match as everyone was waiting to see if Hangman would finally turn on Omega or not. It didn’t happen yesterday but trust me when it finally happens, it will be nothing like anyone has ever expected.

That was pro-wrestling at its best and the excellent representation of how a match should be done at the highest level.

Worst: AEW women’s world championship match

AEW Revolution

Nyla Rose vs Kris Statlander was booked at a difficult place in the card. If you had to follow the best match of the year so far then you would understandably come short. It didn’t help that the match had no real build-up.

Nyla was completely exposed in this match as her weakness to wrestle in the long matches was clearly visible. But, not every match needs to be more than 10-minutes. There are sub-10-minutes matches that are incredible but the company insists on having long matches in their pay-per-views, which produces some stale matches like this.

Kris Statlander is a great talent and is surely going to be one of the biggest stars of the promotion in the future, but she is not there yet. AEW’s women’s division definitely needs some work right now.

Best: Sammy Guevara vs Darby Allin

Sammy Guevara vs Darby Allin surpassed all expectations. By giving these two men a valuable spot on the show, AEW once again showed how much trust they put in their young talents. Both the wrestlers didn’t disappoint either, as they knew what they were doing and put on a match to remember in a card that was filled with incredible match-ups.

Darby Allin is already a superstar and the only thing that can stop him from reaching the mega-stardom is his style of wrestling and some of the spots that he does. Hopefully, he would be able to do it for years to come and live a very long and happy life because some of the dives he does are nothing short of suicidal.

Worst: MJF vs Cody

By no means, was this a bad match, but for the sake of this article, I am putting it in the ‘worst’ category. Due to the astonishing build-up and the hype surrounding the match, it was not humanly impossible for Cody and MJF to live up to the expectations. This was the best storyline going into the show and it was always going to be difficult to produce a match that would compliment it well. Which is exactly what happened.

Cody’s steel cage match vs Wardlow felt much better than this one. Even though this one was focused on telling the story rather than doing the wrestling spots it felt stale compared to some of the other matches that were on the show.

Also, I might be knit-picking here, but if you have too many near falls in every match, it starts wearing down on the audience.

Best: AEW Championship

AEW Revolution

Chris Jericho was exceptional as the AEW Champion, but it was time for a change and who better to pass the baton to than Jon Moxley. Both of them knew each other very well from their time in WWE and understand their style of wrestling.

Ever since appearing at Double or Nothing, Moxley is having the time of his life. He always wanted to showcase to the world what he can do if he is allowed to control his character and AEW gave him the space to do that. He even delivered a promo at the end of the match in a very Moxley style. With what we have seen so far from him in the promotion, AEW’s trajectory is only going to go up in the Moxley’s era. It is indeed the paradigm shift.

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  1. What are you even babbling about? This show was flawless from head to toe. Not a single beat was missed. Top to bottom, everything was near-perfect. Every single issue AEW had with previous PPVs has been resolved. It’s not their problem that you’ve been watching so many filler-padded WWE shows and Raw episodes that you feel the show ran too long. 3-4 hours is more than acceptable for a PPV. If you can’t handle that, go take a nap or something.

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