AEW Dynamite Highlights – Vintage Kenny Omega Returns (2/26/20)

Kenny Omega

All Elite Wrestling has officially found its stride the past number of weeks, ladies and gentlemen. And even better, this is the official go-home episode of Dynamite as we head into the first-ever Revolution event this Saturday. An official weigh-in and a rivalry between Kenny Omega and PAC culminating in an Iron-Man match guarantees another incredibly exciting episode of Dynamite. Here are the highlights.

Dynamite Notes

  • With the assistance of Darby Allin, The Jurassic Express defeated The Inner Circle‘s Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz. Maybe two of the most over acts teaming up.
  • Sitting here asking, “What is the use of The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny?” If someone has an answer, feel free to inform.
  • Revolution is officially… Freshly Squeezed. Scroll down for more.
  • The Dark Order called Christopher Daniels obsolete. Seems something “Broken” may soon arrive.

Dynamite of the Night: Iron-Man Classic Between PAC and Kenny Omega

This felt special from the jump. Kenny Omega felt like he was New Japan Kenny as soon as he walked out for his entrance. There was a big match feel as PAC finally had his shot to get retribution against Omega in what many could figure as the final match between these two for some time. The reason I bring up the New Japan Kenny feel is that The Young Bucks were out to be in the corner of Omega for what was possibly the first time since the beginning of AEW. 30 minutes for one man to walk out as the definitive winner of this blood rivalry. The first five minutes were action-packed, including an Omega Terminator dive. PAC turned the tides in the match with an Avalanche Brainbuster that needs to be seen to be believed. A total of 10 minutes went by without a fall between these two.

Around the 16:30 mark, Omega seemed to be closing in on the first fall but PAC showed resilience by avoiding the One-Winged Angel and kicking out of a devastating reversal by Omega. One half of the AEW Tag Team Champions attempted for an Avalanche One-Winged Angel but was reversed again by PAC. The first 15 minutes of this bout had zero pinfalls and could more so be considered a survival by PAC. PAC had enough and used a chair to the skull of Omega, giving him the first fall, 1-0.

1-0 Omega

But Omega was seemingly out of it after two horrendous smashes to the head. PAC attacked immediately, hitting a Black Arrow and pinning Omega to make it 1-1 with 13:21 to go. The first Iron-Man match in AEW history was living up to the hype.


With 10 minutes to go, PAC hit a nasty Falcon Arrow from the apron all the way to the floor. The Bucks rushed over to check on their friend, who was moving rather slowly. PAC hit a missile dropkick from the ring to Omega, who would take out referee Paul Turner and allow PAC to welcome a table to the match. He would lay Omega onto the table outside of the ring and get to the top rope. He eyed up Omega and hit a beautiful Shooting Star Press from the top all the way down through Omega and the table to the floor. Turner was back up and began the count. PAC made it back into the ring and The Young Bucks assisted Omega to get him back in and keep it tied. With 5:30 to go, PAC was beyond frustrated.

Next up for PAC was another Black Arrow attempt. This time it was met with the knees by  Kenny Omega. The big match feel was real here, as this was maybe Omega’s best singles match since Wrestle Kingdom against Hiroshi Tanahashi in January of 2019. V-Triggers were running wild, as he would hit a huge one and go for the One-Winged Angel. It was reversed for the third time in the match, with PAC hitting a poisonrana. He’d lock in the Brutalizer with 2:45 left. After almost a minute of being in the hold, Omega got to the ropes to force the break. PAC tried to put on the submission again with one minute left in the match but Omega would not let him do it. With less than a minute, it was back locked in, still tied 1-1. The bell would ring at a 1-1 tie as Omega managed to survive.

1-1 Heads To Sudden Death

Justin Roberts would announce sudden death and Audrey Edwards ran down to the ring after PAC took out Turner. Omega would hit a ripcord knee, followed by Kota Ibushi’s Kami-Goye. PAC would kick out, but Omega instantly sprung back into action. One-Winged Angel by Omega would hit on the fourth attempt, giving Omega the huge, momentous win over PAC.

2-1 Omega Wins

What a match, folks. One of the most entertaining matches in AEW yet. 30 plus minutes of action. Kenny Omega gets the huge win after PAC takes his eye off the prize. Omega must now go into Saturday to defend his tag team titles alongside the absent Hangman Page against the two men who did support him… The Young Bucks.

After the match, PAC screamed in the face of Tony Schiavone before Orange Cassidy walked out and got into the face of “The Bastard.” PAC didn’t wait for Cassidy to speak and instantly attacked instead. Revolution has gotten a fresh new match that the crowd ERUPTED for. Chuck Taylor confirmed later in the night that Cassidy will indeed, try.

Women’s Fatal Four Way Action Sees Hikaru Shida Find Victory

AEW hasn’t done too much unfortunately to highlight their women’s roster. A roster they have built up to be underrated and exciting if given the time. This, however, was a good start. Hikaru Shida, Shanna, Big Swole, and Yuka Sakazaki would go head-to-head-to-head-to-head in a big match that would affect the rankings come next Wednesday. The beginning of the match highlighted Sakazaki in a big way, mostly for her absolute pureness. Plenty of back and forth action came after the commercial break. Swole was closing in on the win but by the time she had the full advantage on Shanna, Shida was back. Shanna would flatten Shanna to get a close two count. Shanna would hit a double stomp in the corner on both Shida and Yuka.

Swole was back, however, not allowing Shanna to get the upper hand. Hikaru Shida would hit the running knee strike on Swole, taking advantage of the Magic Girl Splash that Yuka had hit on Swole to get the win. A huge win, considering Shida had fallen down the rankings a bit after a hot start early on.

Spicy Interview Between Omega/Page & The Young Bucks

Hangman Page was not happy. He was angered by his partner for calling their tag team championship win an “accident.” Note, Page was with a drink during the interview and was even asked by Jim Ross why he was uncomfortable. The story of this interview was the fact that Page was not okay with this. Page got into a screaming match with Matt and Nick Jackson about wanting to leave “The Elite.” Nick called Page a jobber in ROH. He was not happy that they wanted to take the biggest title win away from him and soon enough stormed off. This is an interview you want to see.

Official AEW World Championship Weigh-In

Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho will go at it on Saturday night to be the AEW World Champion. But days before that, we have the official weigh-in for the title fight. Jericho, of course, had his Inner Circle crew alongside. Moxley would step on the scale first, weighing in at 234 pounds. Jericho, in his brand new “Painmaker Posse” tracksuit, would take his time. He would even tell the crowd to, and I quote, “shut your ass.” Kansas City, the home of the Chiefs, would answer with their usual chants. Jericho told them that Patrick Mahomes was a “piece of shit.” The stalling was real for Jericho. “Asshole” chants rained down from the crowd. Moxley would headbutt Jericho after he got in his face and he was busted open badly. The Inner Circle would beat him down in response.

Dustin Rhodes would once again come down to help, taking out Jake Hager as they would wrestle through the crowd and out to the concourse. It was still four on one inside the ring. Darby Allin would run down but it was not enough. In the end, The Inner Circle managed to keep the upper hand as Jericho would stand tall to end the night.

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