Preview: AEW Dynamite – Revolution Go Home Show (2/26/20)

Kenny Omega

AEW Dynamite is sending us off this week to Revolution! With this being the last show before the masterfully built event, expect a little extra electricity in the air on TNT this week. 

This Wednesday will be a big deal in its own right as well, with the long-awaited rubber match between Kenny Omega and PAC in a 30-minute iron man match, a pair of great tag contests, and the boxing/MMA style weigh-in for Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley. Revolution is turning into a masterfully built card and expect this Wednesday to “double down” on that hype and get everybody buzzing for Saturday. 

With mere hours to go before we hit the final countdown, let us dive right into what we will on February 26th‘s AEW Dynamite! 

Inner Circle vs Jungle Express

After a strong showing in the tag team battle royal gauntlet last week, representatives of both teams in this match fell a bit short. Santana and Ortiz representing Inner Circle made it all the way to the end, whereas Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus went almost to the end as well. Now, we get to see how they fare with an extra partner and Revolution firmly on the minds of all involved. 

This match should further build to that event, which leads me to wonder what shenanigans may go on during the contest. Jake Hager and Luchasaurus certainly seem on a collision course, and that could get explored leading to a program after the pay-per-view. Sammy is also wrapped up in a feud with the recently returned Darby Allin, so he may decide to make another surprise appearance here. 

As for the outcome, that will all depend upon who gets involved and when. Don’t expect this one to be a clean contest, but while it remains one it should be an entertaining battle in this six-man tag match. Expect plenty of the usual insane uses of the smaller Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt, as well as some brutal double team maneuvers from Proud N Powerful. 

Just don’t expect them to quite empty the tank here. There is still a small stretch of road left to Revolution, and most of these men will be looking to make it there ready and raring to go. 

The Butcher & The Blade W/The Bunny vs Best Friends W/Orange Cassidy

Revolution Go Home

The Butcher and The Blade (along with manager Bunny) have firmly established themselves as mainstays in this tag division. And after the brilliant brawl between Butcher and Luchasaurus tore the house down, there is clearly a lot of bright things in store for the dark duo. 

Already on the established side, we have the fan-favorite Best Friends accompanied by their own manager, Orange Cassidy. Their crowd popping hugs and Orange Cassify appearances have become a staple of the division and really the AEW product as a whole. 

As a result of this, we may see a war between these two or this may be confirmation of where the other team’s heading in the future. If the Butcher and the Blade dominate throughout, they may very well be in a high spot in line for the tag titles after Revolution. If it is a bit more even, then we know that both may be hovering around the title picture at the same time. 

Either way this clash of good vs evil should make for a lot of memorable moments in a very classically told wrestling story. Fingers crossed that Cassidy lays some devastating kicks into the Butcher, only to get a lariat that will rattle him so hard he will think he is JC Ryder. Heels will be heels. 

Kenny Omega vs PAC 


Ever since All Out, wrestling fans have been buzzing about the idea of repeating this great match up once more. Everybody except PAC and Omega. 

As Chris Jericho pointed out on his podcast, neither felt happy about it as they felt it ran long whilst also leaving plenty of spots on the cutting room floor. Go back and rewatch that contest and tell me that doesn’t blow your mind a bit. These two are so talented, they nearly had match of the night. BY MISTAKE. 

Enter in the brilliant concept of PAC hounding for his rubber match. Now we have seen him try everything to get under Kenny’s skin and make this rematch happen. He has attacked his friends, including Michael Nakazawa and threating Riho. He has also cut promo after promo spitting venom Omega’s way to warn him of what he has in store. 

That all leads into this 30-minuter Iron Man match. With a set, lengthy amount of time to work with expect them to build upon their initial match in a big way. This has been eating at both men both in and out of kayfabe, and we can expect that to have these two laser focused. 

And if they had near match of the night by mistake last time, imagine what they can do ON PURPOSE here on Dynamite this week.

Jon Moxley And Chris Jericho Weigh In

Revolution Go Home Show

Jon Moxley has actively dismantled the Inner Circle members one by one on the road to Revolution. After taking a victory over Santana and his partner Ortiz, Jericho started to run out of soldiers. Enter Jeff Cobb, who was supposed to be the biggest obstacle yet last week.  

The monstrous mercenary/man put Mox to the test, pushing him to his absolute limit. But he couldn’t get the victory. This seemed like the perfect storm to weaken Moxley up for Jericho on the 29th, up until that superplex got reversed into the small package that wrappped things up. Now with all the momentum and confidence of a man who tore down a faction and took a sports car from them, Moxley heads into this Weigh In sitting pretty. Which is exactly what Jericho doesn’t want. 

Expect him to do everything in his power to change that, including hitting the redial button to all the previous attempted hitmen. Jericho might not outweigh Moxley on the scales here, but he certainly outweighs his influence on the other wrestlers. Jon will just hope to make it out of here with at least one good eye on his prize. 

But Le Champion will certainly be looking to put the lights out once and for all on the Jon Moxley spotlight. 

There we have it folks, a stacked card to lead us into an even more stacked event on Saturday. It is safe to say we are kicking off one helluva week of wrestling for AEW fans. And by the end of it, we may have some new names at the top by next Dynamite. 

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