Preview: PWA Black Label – Rick South For The Boys (2/15/20)

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Festivities for the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras are set to kick-off early this year, thanks to PWA Black Label. This weekend, PWA and Ricky South will jump start the celebrations when they return to Max Watts for Rick South For The Boys. Throughout the evening there will be numerous Mardi Gras celebrations, and as always the PWA roster will bring the top-tier wrestling action inside the ring. Headlining the evening is cage match for the PWWA Championship between reigning champion Jessica Troy and her challenger Steph De Lander. But that’s not all, so let’s take a look at the announced card so far.

Sam Osborne w/Don Marnell vs Adam Hoffman

Since arriving in PWA, Sam Osborne‘s career has failed to launch. Despite proclaiming himself to be a star athlete and ‘The Prize Bull’ of the PWA roster, he is yet to pick up a singles victory. Last month at Sword Fight, after suffering yet another shocking loss this time at the hands of Big Fudge, enough was enough. It would now appear that Osborne has aligned himself with The Marnell Management Agency (MMA) in order to turn his career around under the guidance of Don Marnell. One man who will be hoping to see Osborne’s poor record continue will be his opponent on Saturday, Adam Hoffman. Known as one of the most technically proficient, tough, and also conniving members of The Nations, Hoffman will be no easy beat.

Ricky South’s Any And All Gauntlet

Coming off his victory in the CHIKARA Young Lions Cup, Ricky South has set his sights on more gold, this time a little closer to home. Despite being one of PWA’s most consistent and top performers for the past few years, South feels he still needs to prove himself. In order to prove once and for all that he can be the man to topple Caveman Ugg, this weekend’s event will see South participating in a Gauntlet Match. For this match, South has welcomed anybody to step up to the challenge. Whether they be current roster members, past competitors, interstate athletes or international stars, South is ready for them.

Fatal Four Way Match: Silvio Milano vs Carter Deams vs Mikey Broderick vs Luchi

Four of the hottest young prospects battle it out to clear up the pecking order this Saturday. All four of these men are at different stages of their careers, but each of them has proven they belong in PWA. With a win here any one of these men could quickly see themselves rising through the singles division. Expect an all-action affair with every man out for themselves.

BSCG (Shazza McKenzie & Concrete Davidson) vs Rhys Angel & AJ

Two of the newest tag team pairings in PWA are set for a showdown this weekend. First up is renegade pairing of Shazza McKenzie and Concrete Davidson. As the BSCG, these two are looking to upset the establishment and bring the cool factor back to professional wrestling. Their opponents for the evening will be the unlikely pairing of two youngsters, Rhys Angel and AJ. These two men came together after it’s believed that Angel “saved his life” during a multiman match which also featured Mat Rogers. With both teams coming off victories at Sword Fight, they’ll both be looking to keep the momentum rolling as we head further into 2020.

Matty Wahlberg vs ???

After being sprayed in the eyes with the poison green mist of Mick Moretti back at Sword Fight, it would appear a little humility has finally seeped into Matty Wahlberg. Ultimately The Nations (Mick Moretti and Jack J. Bonza) gained the victory in the tag team clash against The Babes (Matty Wahlberg and Carter Deams) last month, which initially would seem to indicate that the dream singles encounter between Wahlberg and Moretti would not be happening. However, neither Wahlberg nor Moretti were involved in the decision. As such, Wahlberg would later approach Moretti in a calm and humble manner, requesting the singles match. Initially it appeared that Moretti had agreed to the match, but at the last second, he would place one last more hurdle in the path of Wahlberg. In order for Walhberg to get his much-awaited match with Moretti he must first defeat an opponent of Moretti’s choosing. In another classic case of ‘Rapscallion’ mind games, he gave Wahlberg a few hints as to who this opponent could be. This weekend Walhberg will be facing “a Nation”, which could mean a current, former or soon to be member of the faction. Who could it be?

Michael Spencer vs Paris De Silva

When MK+ Ultra (Michael Spencer and Kai Drake) won their title match against The Velocities (Paris De Silva and Jude London) by count out, they overlooked one important fact, that being the titles do not change hands via count out. In spite of this, MK+ Ultra still walked out of Max Watts following Sword Fight with the physical championships in toe. Since that moment, they have been mocking The Velocities via social media by putting the championships to some rather unconventional, and occasionally downright disrespectful, use. On Saturday, Paris De Silva has an opportunity to exercise some vengeance on one half of MK+ Ultra when he squares off with Michael Spencer in singles action. Perhaps The Velocities could even regain possession of the titles at the same time.

Jack J. Bonza & Kingsley vs The Prefects (Billy Preston & Jimmy Townsend)

Jack J. Bonza and his niece/flag-bearer Kingsley will be looking to avenge their loss at a PWA Green Label event late last year to The Prefects. This time around, Bonza and Kingsley should be much better placed to pick up the victory. Not only is Kingsley a much more experienced competitor now, but The Prefects may have bigger issues on their mind. Now that Billy has begun his university studies whilst Jimmy has been held back at high school, the two may find it hard to co-exist. In the past, these two had been such a cohesive unit that they built up so much momentum they even earned themselves a PWA Tag Team Championships opportunity. Now though, the cracks may begin to appear as their worlds drift further apart. No matter what though, expect Bonza and Kingsley to be incredibly vicious in this one. Neither of these two like losing so they will be extra motivated to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

PWWA Championship – Steel Cage Match: Jessica Troy (c) vs Steph De Lander

In a first for PWA, two women will set foot inside a steel a cage to battle it out for the PWWA Championship. These two ladies are the pinnacle of not only Australian women’s wrestling, but Australian wrestling in general. As such these two have more than earned the right to make history in Max Watts this weekend. After being on the wrong end of a controversial disqualification decision at Sword Fight, De Lander once again called out the champion. This time around though, ‘The Python Powerhouse’ refused to leave any room for doubt by requesting a Steel Cage Match. Never one to back down from a challenge, Jessica Troy quickly accepted. Whilst the cage match stipulation would appear to favor the much more powerful De Lander, one can’t overlook the toughness and determination of the champion. Troy has stepped foot in that ring with competitors much larger than her before and walked out with not only her arm raised, but another arm to add to her collection. Whomever walks out of this one will undisputably be the best. Will it be ‘The Python Powerhouse’ Steph De Lander? Or will ‘The Arm Collector’ Jessica Troy add another trophy to her wall?

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