AEW Dynamite Highlights – Cody Takes His Lashes (2/5/20)

AEW Dynamite

It’s been two weeks since I covered All Elite Wrestling and it’s rather refreshing and exciting to be back. AEW Dynamite was live as always on Wednesday with Ortiz vs Jon Moxley being the early attraction for the match. Instead of boring you with my nonsense, let’s hop on into the highlights.

Dynamite Notes:

PAC sent Nyla Rose on Riho, all to get the attention of Kenny Omega. Omega has finally agreed to his match, while Rose will face Riho next week for the AEW Women’s Championship.

Darby Allin has set his sights on The Inner Circle.

– The Hangman PageElite problems continued as Page was pinned after denying a tag from both of The Young Bucks.

Jon Moxley Stabs The Eye Of Santana

In the very first segment of the show, it was the No. 1 contender for the AEW World Championship, Jon Moxley, taking on a member of the Inner Circle, Ortiz. The crazier half of Proud N Powerful did all he could to try and stall the momentum of Mox but he was left empty. Not only did Moxley manage to finish Ortiz for yet another win, but he showed the world that he had the keys of the Ford GT that belongs to Chris Jericho. He would smash the key into the eye of Santana before the rest of the Inner Circle ran down to the ring. Moxley may be outnumbered, but he sure is proving differently.

Yuka Sakazaki Pins Britt Baker, Baker Attacks Following Loss

It has literally been forever since Yuka Sakazaki appeared in AEW, with this being her Dynamite debut. She faced the newly changed Britt Baker, who has proven to be unstoppable at times as she continues to move up the rankings. But it was Sakazaki showed the world that she is the real deal as she reversed the Lockjaw finish into a pinning maneuver for the three counts. After the match, however, Baker beat the life out of Sakazaki as a sore sport and it seemed she even knocked a tooth out. Hopefully, this means Sakazaki is far from done.

Dynamite of the Night: Cody

There are few things tough to watch as a fan, or more simply as a human being than what fans watched in the main event of AEW. Cody had to take 10 lashes from MJF to even sniff a match at AEW’s Revolution against MJF. Every single lash essentially saw Cody crumble in pain as the leather belt went across his back. It was painful and terribly hard to watch. Support came out one at a time in the forms of Dustin Rhodes, Arn Anderson, and The Young Bucks. We got to the 10th and final one as Cody laid on the ground and didn’t seem to be moving or getting up any time soon.

Brandi Rhodes made her way to the ring to tell Cody it was just one more, she loved him, and he was that much closer. Cody had tears in his eyes. Blood dripping down his back as he finally got to is feet. The final lash came across the chest of Cody before his entire team stormed in. MJF was in disgust considering he was going to wrestle this match. He hit a low blow on Cody before taking off. This feud is everything, as Cody shows again that what he does is all inspiration and love for pro wrestling.

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