Preview: Explosive Pro Wrestling (EPW) – Hot Summer’s Night (2/8/20)

Hot Summer's Night
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EPW’s first event on the 2020 calendar arrives this Saturday, and the company is set to kick things off in a major way with Hot Summer’s Night.

Following the tumultuous events at ReAwakening XVIII in November EPW closed out the year with its foundations rocked to the core. In November, EPW crowned new tag team champions, a new EPW Champion and saw some shock alliances forming. So as the company now enters 2020 there is a lot of tension and excitement in their air.

Gavin McGavin vs Bruno Nitro

Hot Summers Night

The EPW faithful are in for a treat when the 2019 EPW Wrestler Of The Year, Gavin McGavin, squares off with one of the top graduates out of the EPW School Of Pro Wrestling, Bruno Nitro.

After impressing many at the infamous EPW Showcase events Nitro is now ready to step up to the grand stage of an EPW Gate One level show. However, he will be facing one of the toughest welcomes possible.

For McGavin this match will provide a fantastic opportunity to get 2020 off on the right. With a victory here McGavin will be able to increase the momentum he gained by being voted the EPW Wrestler Of The Year to close out 2019. A victory would also see him take one step closer to becoming a ‘Triple Double Champion.’

Plague (Dan Steel & Aaron Hawk) vs Gorgeous Garry & Ryan Allan

The destructive and vicious new EPW Tag Team Champions, Plague, take on a brand new tag team this weekend.

Will the newly formed, and somewhat unlikely, pairing of Gorgeous Garry and Ryan Allan be able to withstand the brutality of the Champions in a non-title clash? 

Should Garry and Allan walk away victorious they will receive a future title match. However, given the recent record of Plague the new team could be suffocated before they even take their first breath.

Damian Slater vs ‘The Don’ Michael Morleone

Hot Summers Night

Two former EPW champions square off this weekend with hopes of propelling themselves back towards the title picture.

Undoubtedly both men will be keeping a close eye on the main event later in the evening. But they must both ensure not to look too far ahead or they will suffer the consequences.

For ‘The Don’ this match comes with a little added motivation, given that he feels Slater and The Untouchables cost him the EPW Championship when they inserted themselves into his match last year. Morleone does hold a victory over Slater in 2019, which could prove to be a small psychological advantage heading into their matchup on Saturday.

With two world class competitors facing off the EPW faithful could potentially be seeing a Match Of The Year candidate on the first show of 2020.

Losing Team Must Exile A Member: Taylor King & The Taskforce (Jack Edwards & Tipene) vs Tyler Jacobs & The Children (Junior Li & Chadwick Jackson) with Stella Nyx

When The Taskforce was able to rescue Taylor King from the cultish clutches of Tyler Jacobs at ReAwakening everyone in attendance witnessed one of the biggest feel-good moments in EPW history. Unfortunately for King and The Taskforce, Jacobs does not give up so easily.

After laying down the challenge Jacobs and his Children will face-off with The Taskforce and King one more time. But this time there are major implications at play for the losing team. The losing team will have to exile a member of their group forever!

Will Jacobs and The Children finally fulfill their masterplan and dismantle The Taskforce once and for all? Or will Jacobs lose yet another of his congregation?

EPW Coastal Championship: Marcius Pitt (c) with Amber vs Dan Moore with Jesse Lambert

Hot Summers Night

In 2019 Moore proved himself to be one of the top competitors in all of EPW by reaching the final of the prestigious EPW Invitational Tournament. Ultimately though Moore would fall just short, losing to Julian Ward in an incredible match.

On Saturday Moore will be hoping to finally win the big one when he faces Marcius Pitt for the EPW Coastal Championship. With two prior victories over Pitt already Moore will be headed into this match brimming with confidence, but must be careful not to get cocky against one of Australia’s best.

Pitt has proven to be a dominant EPW Coastal Champion and will be out to balance the ledger of wins and losses against Moore.

Ultimately, this match could come down to the support both men will receive from outside the ring. In the past, Amber has proven to be a major influence in Pitt’s matches. Hence why Moore will be bringing Jesse Lambert to hopefully balance the scales.

EPW Championship: Mikey Nicholls (c) vs Julian Ward

Julian Ward cashes in his Invitational Tournament opportunity this Saturday against one of the best Australia has ever produced.

After proving that he can win the big one by winning the Invitational Tournament in 2019 Ward broke his hoodoo. Following the Invitational Tournament victory Ward also pledged his allegiance to The Untouchables, a move which undoubtedly puts him in prime position to have a huge year in 2020. Will the accolades begin immediately with the crowning of a new EPW Champion?

Standing in Ward’s way will be none other than EPW Champion ‘Mad’ Mikey Nicholls. The manner in which Nicholls captured the EPW Championship proved to be quite noteworthy.

The Untouchables attempted to insert themselves into the match, much to the chagrin of Nicholls. Ultimately, Nicholls would go on to win the title, without the help of Slater, Pitt, and Ward. But fans also saw a glimpse into cracks forming in the alliance between Nicholls and The Untouchables.

Will this unease between the champ and The Untouchables, which now boasts Ward as a member, prove to be the deciding factor?

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