Preview: AEW Dynamite (2/5/20)

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite continues to embark on uncharted territory, making their debut in the state of Alabama with stop in the Von Braun Center in Huntsville! 

This week will see Jon Moxley in action against Ortiz, a massive eight-man tag match, and the debut of Cody playing as Tommy Dreamer and MJF playing The Sandman in a straight-to-tv reenactment of the caning in ECW. Ok, I may have taken some liberties with that last one.

But my corny self-popping jokes aside, let’s jump right into what we’ll see this week on AEW Dynamite!

Yuka Sakazaki Returns!!

Fresh off the heels of her heel turn (pun intended, forgive me), we have Britt Baker colliding with the returning Yuka Sakazaki! The Japanese star will be making her first appearance for AEW since her match at Fyter Fest back in June. Do we see a tale of ring rust, as the western style is very different than the one Sakazaki is used to (although Yuka has stayed busy including a match against Kenny Omega and AEW’s Women’s Champion Riho in Taiwan) leading to a statement victory for Britt? 

Or we could see things go in a different direction entirely, and Yuka could return in a huge way by shutting the now ever-running mouth of the angry dentist. After all, we know that nobody gets to go after Jim Ross and get away with it. 

You can take your pick of which side of the fence you were on and I couldn’t really disagree with you. This is a coin flip of a contest, and it should be an entertaining highlight of what the AEW women’s division can be at its best if given the chance and time. Now it just needs to live up to the hype, something these two should grow comfortable with on AEW’s television stage. 

Jon Moxley vs Ortiz

Jon Moxley is certainly on the hunt for Inner Circle members, and the first to experience that one on one won’t be Chris Jericho, but instead Ortiz. 

After his opening promo last week and subsequent ending save of Darby Allin, Moxley is clearly a man on a missionBut he still is just one man. As we saw last week, Inner Circle loves to play the numbers game and they do it very well. Expect that theme to continue this week, as Ortiz is not likely to be alone for the full contest. 

This won’t make Jon back down, but it could certainly cost him the victory. There are still four more Dynamites, this one included, left before Revolution. Therefore expecting someone in the Inner Circle to poke the bear in this match is a borderline Paul Heyman spoiler. Expect a battle to break out on the way to the allout war between Moxley and the group as they both start feeling froggy on way to the day of the leap year.

10 Lashes On Live TV

AEW Dynamite

As aforementioned, apparently Cody and MJF have been watching old ECW footage and taking notes. Reminiscing back to when Dreamer first uttered the phrase “thank you sir may I have another” as Sandman drunkenly snapped his singapore cane across his back. It was raw, uncomfortable violence that was undeniably painful. Your ears and eyes did not deceive you. Expect that to be the same when MJF starts cracking shots across his rival’s spine. 

Cody of course also has the stipulation of not being able to go after MJF, which will make this a bit more difficult. But expect Cody to play the Dreamer role quite nicely here. It will be a different kind of uncomfortability in the air for this one. With The Fiend and Daniel Bryan having a similar feeling in their strap match, expect the intensity to be dialed up one extra notch for the sake of competing in people’s minds for supremacy. 

MJF will of course relish in this role as well, savoring every lash as if it were winning a match at WrestleMania in front of his hometown crowd. This segment will be hard to watch. But it will be worth watching through covered eyes. And it will make the wait for Revolution feel that much harder for fans of Cody and MJF alike.

Young Bucks, Omega & Page vs Lucha Brothers, The Butcher & The Blade


With Kenny Omega and Hangman Page capturing the AEW Tag Team titles from SCU a couple of weeks ago at seaThe Young Bucks are looking to carve their spot back out at the top of this division. After the Bucks interrupted an interview with Omega addressing PAC, Page (of internet “hold my beer” memes and GIF fame) declared he was surprised to be the ones holding the belts and not them. I repeat from last week: don’t expect that comment to go unanswered. 

As was expected as a resultThe Butcher and The Blade ran into a brick wall against The Young Bucks last week. Getting caught in the middle of things is par for the course for this duo, and the large paychecks from MJF will certainly keep that a constant. Perhaps the Dark Order may want to come knocking at the butcher shop next if they still have their sights set on The Elite’s demise. 

As for the Lucha Bros, they seem to be the go-to heel team to fill in any holes in storylines. In this case, they made this an eight-man tag instead of a handicap. That is about the extent as to why they are here. Sure, they have some past with the Bucks of course but that is making a puddle out of a water droplet. 

The real purpose of this match is to of course play on the tensions between The Elite and pushing that to its potential breaking point. A loss where the Bucks feel screwed by Page or Omega or vice versa could be the final straw to break the camel’s back.  

Somebody hold Hangman’s beer.

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