Preview DEFY Wrestling – Year 3 (01/31/2020)

Year 3

DEFY Wrestling will be celebrating its third anniversary on January 31st with Year 3 at the historic Washington Hall in Seattle, WA. SCHAFF and Artemis Spencer will once again go to war, this time in DEFY’s first ever ladder match. This show will also feature the return of DEFY to Survive 10-Way Elimination Match which is featured annually on the anniversary show. We will also see WARBEAST defend the DEFY Tag Team Championships against The Amerikan Gunz and 4 Minutes of Heat. Let’s break down what’s in store for Year 3, as if we weren’t hyped enough for it.

DEFY To Survive 10-Way Elimination Match

Year 3
Photo / DEFY Wrestling

The DEFY to Survive Ten Man Elimination match has become a staple for DEFY anniversary shows. At Year 3, we will see its third incarnation. The competitors for this match haven’t been released, but it’s sure to be packed with great talent. Past winners include King Khash and Artemis Spencer. Others who have been involved include Cody Chhun, Clark Connors, Sonico, and more.

Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, Super Panda) vs. Strong Hearts (CIMA, El Lindaman, T-Hawk)

Photo / DEFY Wrestling

Luchasaurus is making his return to DEFY at Year 3 and he’s bringing Marko Stunt and Super Panda as his partners. Both Marko and Super Panda are making their DEFY debuts. We last saw wrestling’s dinosaur at DEFY LOUD where he took down the Persian sensation, King Khash. He’s also tagged with both Stunt and Super Panda on many, many occasions. They will be going against another trio that is also very experienced as a unit in the Strong Hearts. CIMA leads in El Lindaman and T-Hawk in their DEFY debuts. He made his own debut back at Fight For This. Now he’s returning to the DEFYance with his protegees in tow in what is sure to be a fun match.

King Khash vs. Killer Kross

Year 3
Photo / DEFY Wrestling

The 20-year-old sensation King Khash makes his triumphant return to DEFY Wrestling at Year 3. We last saw him at DEFY On Edge before he went off on excursion to Japan. Khash would spend most of March and April 2019 in the Land of the Rising Sun, mostly for Pro Wrestling ZERO1. He’s also been a regular for Without A Cause and Pacific Pro Wrestling. His opponent is a looming figure in pro wrestling, one of the hottest commodities today: Killer Kross. Since having his tethers cut off, he’s begun to spread his wings once again. Kross competes frequently for AAA in Mexico, as well as a slew of indies across the United States. Kross last appeared in front of the DEFYance at Doomsayer, defeating the Relentless Douglas James. Tick tock…will time be up for King Khash?

DEFY Tag Team Championship Match
WARBEAST (Jacob Fatu & Josef Samael) (c) vs. The Amerikan Gunz (Ethan HD & Mike Santiago) vs. 4 Minutes of Heat (Eddie Pearl & Ricky Gibson)

Photo / DEFY Wrestling

The tag team scene on the west coast is dominated by one team, and that’s WARBEAST. Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael are incredibly beloved by the DEFYance. They’ve also reigned supreme over the tag division in DEFY, with their reign lasting over 300 days. Fatu and Samael are not strangers to Ethan HD and Mike Santiago, as they’ve clashed several times before. The most interesting element is the new addition to DEFY’s tag team scene in 4 Minutes of Heat. At Year 3, we’ll see a fresh fight for the tag team gold.

DEFY Championship Ladder Match
SCHAFF (c) vs. Artemis Spencer

The bad blood runs deep between Artemis Spencer and the baddest motherf*cker in wrestling, SCHAFF. Spencer lost the DEFY World Championship to the military veteran at DEFYance Forever in August 2019. Up until the Wrestle Summit in December, their rivalry was purely professional. However, when SCHAFF stuck the knife in the back of Spencer and attacked him, everything changed. Spencer is usually a level-headed performer, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t impervious to emotion. At Age of War, Spencer joined forces with WARBEAST to take on the new group of SCHAFF and the Amerikan Gunz. In this encounter, Arty threw a ladder which bounced off the world champion to the DEFYance’s delight.

This would prove to be foreshadowing, as SCHAFF will defend his DEFY championship against Arty in a ladder match at Year 3. This will be the first-ever ladder match in DEFY’s history and it’s very fitting to be between two men who shape its very existence. Only one alpha can walk out of this fight standing tall as champion.

There’s sure to be more surprises in store as DEFY celebrates its third anniversary on January 31st. Unfortunately, if you don’t already have a ticket to this show, you won’t have the opportunity to see it in person. This event is SOLD OUT! It will, however, be filmed for future sharing on Powerslam.TV and DEFY’s streaming service, DEFY on Demand.

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