Pro Wrestling NOAH Purchased By CyberAgent

Daisuke Harada Heavyweight

News broke via Tokyo Sport that Pro Wrestling NOAH is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of CyberAgent.  CyberAgent is also the parent company of DDTPro.  CyberAgent is a big company that owns Abema TV.  The tech prowess of CyberAgent could be huge for helping Noah grow and potentially pushing them to finally start up a streaming service.  The CyberAgent group boasts a diverse lineup of companies like advertising companies and game companies that could be used to grow a pro wrestling brand.

The Japanese wrestling scene is currently a very exciting place with Bushiroad adding Stardom to their portfolio to join NJPW and now NOAH joining DDT as CyberAgent property.  All of this comes with NXT Japan looming in the background.

Pro Wrestling NOAH was once the biggest and most talked-about promotion in the Western World but it has fallen away from the general discourse, in big part, this is due to the lack of a streaming service as people will sign up to NJPW World, Stardom World or DDT Universe and explore those companies instead.  The biggest thing CyberAgent could do for NOAH to help grow the brand outside of Japan is to push them to set up a streaming service or get them to put shows on DDT Universe.

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