Preview: AEW Dynamite (1/29/20)


AEW Dynamite make its debut in Cleveland, Ohio with a stop in the Wolstein Center! With so many storylines up in the air and exactly 30 days away from Revolution, the next few weeks should be full of action.

This week will see Cody in action, Jon Moxley on the microphone, and a huge six-man tag match with members of the Inner Circle. Furthering the excellent narratives they are building upon should be the main objective heading into the big event. And the smaller card leaves a lot of surprises in store along the way.

But let’s jump right into what we’ll see tonight on AEW Dynamite.

Young Bucks vs The Butcher, The Blade & The Bunny

With Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page getting their huge win last week and capturing the AEW Tag Team titles, they have a lot to prove. After a brief backstage interview saw the Bucks interrupting Omega, Page (as drunk as ever, of course) angrily shook his drink at the Young Bucks and declared he was surprised to be the ones holding the belts and not them. Don’t expect that comment to go unanswered.

Unfortunately for The Butcher and The Blade, they have reached this battle at the worst time. Getting caught in the crossfire of the ongoing civil war is nothing new for the tag team. But they aren’t afraid of a challenge, as their debut attacking the figurehead of the company made very clear. Expect a grueling battle to ensue, as the Bucks and Butcher and Blade both struggle for relevancy in one of the most stacked divisions in all of wrestling.

We Hear From Jon Moxley


One man who has not struggled for anything since joining AEW is Jon Moxley. After being pursued by the Inner Circle to join their ranks, Moxley is now doing the hunting. And he has a nice shiny new car to do it in, as one of the most expensive consolation prizes in wrestling history.

After taking the victory over PAC last week (even down one eye, mind you) to become number one contender, no list or lexicon in the world is preventing Moxley from taking his crack at the top. Hopefully Le Champion is preparing himself, otherwise, he could go the way of Humpty Dumpty before long.

With Moxley and a microphone, we are guaranteed entertainment. Where it goes from here is all a matter of what type of program we are building with Jericho and Moxley. Does it end at Revolution? Or is the heat amongst these two too great to end on one night? Expect a lot of answers from the purveyor of unscripted violence tonight.

Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Santana & Ortiz) vs Private Party & Darby Allin

And speak of the devil, Le Champion himself Chris Jericho is in action alongside his Inner Circle mates, Santana and Ortiz. They will take on Darby Allin and Private Party, perhaps tying the DDP match recently for the most unlikely trio in a six-man match in AEW history.

Unless Moxley decides to join in, this is going to be a very tough contest for this unlikely alliance. Yet, if you ask Darby Allin his mindset (as he answered via social media) he would spray paint you the word “WIN” in bright white lettering. This man is focused and Private Party are no slouches either. This could end up being a sleeper for match of the night.

The mixture of the grit and grind of PnP and Jericho up against the youth energy of these three should leave little if any dull moments in this stacked match.

Cody vs Kip Sabian

Kip Sabian may be super bad, but Cody has become almost a superhero in his run with AEW. With this Batman/Joker style contrast, don’t expect Kip to be left smiling. After all, just ask Cody how he got that scar. I’m sure he will have a story to tell.

With Kip reinventing himself as a true threat alongside Penelope Ford and Cody on a crash course with MJF, both men have a lot to fight for here. But as is often the case with bad versus good, the power of good may just be too much to overcome here. Cody has visions of revenge, and will stop at nothing to get there.

As a result, Cody is the heavy favorite going in. But a visit from Wardlow (whom he faces in a steel cage on Dynamite soon) or MJF could certainly trigger a distraction big enough to pull the upset. It is pro wrestling after all, and expecting the unexpected is always a necessity.

But that is all for this week, as not too much was announced prior to the show. That is a good sign for fans as it means there is a lot of suprises in store.

With Revolution now right around the corner, we will be certainly leaping in head first for the build to the leap year pay per view on Dynamite tonight.

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