Preview: Northeast Wrestling – Over The Top (1/25/20)

Over The Top

Northeast Wrestling kicks off its 2020 with Over The Top, which is considered by many as one of the biggest shows of the year due to the 30 man Over The Top Rumble. NEW usually brings in highly grossing talents to further the hype and anticipation for the show and as you’ll see from this card, this show is no different. It features some big NEW returns, a much-anticipated debut, and more to look forward to. In short, this is definitely going to be one special show.

Team Youngblood vs. Maine State Posse

Overt The Top

In our first match of the evening, Maine State Posse will have an opportunity at the tag titles, having set their eyes on the belts at the previous event. Maine State brought in the recently debuting DL Hurst and Brett Ryan Gosselin to face off against the current tag champions Inzanely Rude, Chris Battle and Keith Youngblood. Keith Youngblood as of recently has had ambitions of holding the NEW World Championship but has yet to get that chance due to Darby Allin‘s inactivity as a result of his schedule with AEW. Chris Battle, on the other hand, hasn’t had much luck in recent years. Both of these teams have something to prove here and in the main event, as every man in this match is advertised for the rumble as well.

Wrecking Ball Legursky vs. Mike Gamble

Mike Gamble is a sumo wrestler for Northeast Wrestling and has been in a tag team with Dexter Loux for the past year that’s started to find success. But on the other side is someone who recently had two extremely fantastic bouts with Dan Maff, Wrecking Ball Legursky. Legursky’s two matches with Maff were a sign of redemption for Legursky who is looking to get back his NEW World Title after leaving manager Jared Silberkliet. After losing to Maff once again in the second match, Legursky has something to prove against Mike Gamble and it could be a hoss match as it’s something we’ve seen as of late from Legursky.

Duke Of Danger vs Jake Manning

The story of Duke of Danger vs. Jake Manning is based around the current story of Jake Manning putting his career on the line against Brian Anthony at the February show. Duke of Danger is one of the members of Brian Anthony’s faction, The Royal Court. Duke of Danger is also advertised for the 30 man battle royal, still no idea on if Jake Manning is going to be part of the Over The Top, the same with Anthony. It should be an interesting bout to hype up one of the biggest NEW stories of the year.

Special Appearances.

Northeast Wrestling has connections with practically everyone in the wrestling world and they use this to bring in older wrestlers to promote their shows. Two of the wrestlers are WWE Hall of Famers Bob Backlund and Road Warrior Animal. These two could be used to promote the show or even a segment on the show. The other special appearance is by Jake Manning.

Jake Manning announced in the previous show that he wants to face Brian Anthony for the King of Bethany Crown. With the stipulation of the match being if Jake can’t win, he would leave NEW forever. If Jake does wins, he wins the King of Bethany Crown, ending the tyranny of King Brian Anthony. For his appearance for the show, I would guess it’s to continue hyping up the match between him and Brian in the next month’s Career vs. Crown Show. It’s currently unknown if Brian or Jake is going to be in the main event.

Brian Pillman Jr vs. Flip Gordon

Over The Top

One of the declarations of Northeast Wrestling towards the end of 2019 was the partnership with Ring of Honor and the use of their talents for their shows. One of the matches that showcase the partnership, sees Flip Gordon returns to Northeast Competition for the first time since 2018 to face off against Brian Pillman Jr who has started to become a mainstay in Northeast Wrestling. Pillman’s last loss for NEW was against NZO (Enzo from WWE) and has been undefeated since. These two haven’t wrestled before, so the bout could definitely be interesting between these two.

Northeast Wrestling LIVE Championship: Christian Casanova (c) vs. Richard Holiday

Across the last two Northeast Wrestling Shows, NEW ran a tournament to determine the first LIVE Championship, a championship that would be defended on live shows and would be available on Facebook Watch. The winner of that tournament would be Christian Casanova and his first opponent for the title is Richard Holliday who is part of the Trust Fund Faction of Northeast Wrestling.

Richard Holliday hasn’t been in NEW Action for over seven Months while Casanova is a mainstay of the promotion on a major hot streak since winning the championship in December of 2019. He is looking to gain his first title defense against someone in The Trust Fund. Richard Holliday in recent memory could be seen in MLW, so Holiday is also looking for his first championship since he lost the MLW Tag Team Championship in November. It should be a very fun bout.

Marty Scurll vs. Vincent

Over The Top

One of the more highly anticipated bouts of the show features the return of Vinny Marseglia, who hasn’t been seen in Northeast Wrestling since 2017. The last time he was seen was when he joined the Kingdom. In the two years that have passed, Vinny would be part of the Kingdom faction until the final event of ROH’s 2019 when he would turn on leader Matt Taven to form his own faction and change his name to Vincent.

Marty Scurll is a person who has been with ROH and has been part of everything in the company. He has been in the main event scene, the tag titles and even the trios title with his faction Villain Enterprises, which actually makes this match kinda interesting with the leader of two factions facing off against each other in a match in a completely different company. This is also the NEW in-ring Debut of Marty Scurll. The last time he was in Northeast Wrestling was in a segment with The Young Bucks in 2018. These two should have an interesting bout.

Guerillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa) vs. JT Dunn and Mike Verna.

As mentioned above, NEW has connections with just about every promotion including NJPW, where they have a history of bringing in Bullet Club and ex-Bullet Club wrestlers. Guerrillas of Destiny aka Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa make their NEW debut against main-stays JT Dunn and Mike Verna. GOD is also part of the upcoming New Beginning In USA Tour for this entire week.

JT Dunn and Mike Verna haven’t even made their tag team debut. Only becoming official when JT Dunn tweeted out a photo backstage at an AEW episode featuring the two. JT Dunn has been having unfortunate luck with most of his title matches and Mike Verna is trying to look for a win after a string of losses as of late. The Guerrillas of Destiny are a tough team to debut against as they are just coming off an almost year-long reign as the IWGP Tag Team Champions.

Northeast Wrestling Championship: Darby Allin (c) vs. Dan Maff

Over The Top

Darby Allin has been Northeast Wrestling World Champion since defeating JT Dunn in June of 2019. Since then Darby has had nine title defenses. While missing the occasional match due to AEW, he hasn’t had a NEW match since October. In these three months, a monster named Dan Maff would make his debut for Northeast Wrestling and would dominate a former champion, Wrecking Ball Legursky who he beat in the previous show. In the world title match of the show, Darby defends against Maff, who has been getting the fans extremely hyped for a potential barn burner of a match.

The winner of this match will also face the winner of the main event of this show in the near future. The question is if Darby Allin will potentially retain his championship by defeating the high that Dan Maff has been showcasing as of late or will Dan Maff become the NEW Northeast Wrestling World Champion.

The Over The Top Rumble.

The Over The Top Rumble is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a 30 Man Over The Top Rumble for the number one contendership of the Northeast Wrestling World Championship. It’s the NEW version of WWE’s Royal Rumble and NEW has been doing it for the past seven years. The big stars that are advertised for this match are Brian Pillman Jr, Christian Casanova, Flip Gordon, Keith Youngblood, both tag champions in InZanely Rude, Richard Holiday, Mike Verna and many more. There are some that aren’t even advertised such as JT Dunn, Wrecking Ball Legursky (2018 Winner), Brian Anthony (2017 Winner). There are currently 21 Confirmed entrants for the battle royal which I’ll link here. Now, who are people to look out for in this tournament?

Flip Gordon is one of them. Flip Gordon has a history in NEW when it comes to big matches, even if he hasn’t won the Rumble before. The new beast team of Bear Boulder and Bear Bronson could dominate most of the rumble if Wrecking Ball isn’t appearing. Wrecking Ball is one of the clear predictions as he won it last year and is looking to prove to the world he can become champion without Jared. Duke of Danger has made it clear if he wins it, he’ll give his opportunity to Brian Anthony. Youngblood is still after the opportunity that he’s been craving with the NEW World Champion with the crowd getting behind the “No More Waiting” Train. With all of these guys in this rumble, it is guaranteed to be a spectacle.

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