AEW Dynamite Highlights – Hangman & Omega Win Gold (1/21/20)

AEW Dynamite
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All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite was aired from one of the most unique spots any episode of professional wrestling has ever seen. The Jericho Cruise played home as they traveled the seas and had some wrestling going on. It was reported that AEW made sure to go through extra measures to get the airings of the episode to Atlanta to that it could air on TNT. And as many have learned since Cody has guaranteed that Dynamite will air live next year on the third Jericho Cruise in February. But that is next year. This is tonight. Let us see what AEW had in-store for us this time around from the “Chris Jericho’s Rock N Wrestling Rager At Sea Part Deux”.

Britt Baker vs Priscilla Kelly

AEW may care about Britt Baker a lot, but fans should welcome the fact that “Hell’s Favorite Harlot”, Priscilla Kelly, made her AEW singles debut and first appearance since the All Out Casino Battle Royale. This as truly a showcase for Britt Baker who showed a new side to her following the match. The match itself was quick as Kelly showed signs of winning but Baker managed to get the win with the Lock Jaw. After the match, Baker officially completed her heel turn by attacking Tony Schiavone and calling herself the hottest girl on the boat. It was so brutal they went to commercial mid-promo. To be fair, Baker should serve a lot better as a heel.

MJF Gets Thrown In Pool By The Young Bucks

When the insurance policy of Wardlow is not on the ship, that leads to MJF having no chance. After his match where he pinned Joey Janela, Cody made his way out. MJF loved the fact that Cody could not touch him. But The Young Bucks could. Dual Superkicks to MJF sat him down and gave them the chance to throw him into the pool. A fun little moment that can only happen on a cruise ship.

Jon Moxley Pins PAC To Become Number One Contender For AEW World Championship

AEW Dynamite

PAC wants to get to the top of the mountain. He wants AEW to respect the fact that wins and losses should matter as they said. The only way to right the wrongs is for him to be AEW World Champion. What is tough is that the man across from him to stop his momentum as Jon Moxley. Moxley, the same man who’s eye got stabbed last week, wrestled with one eye. Why? Because he is nuts. He does not care. These two have had a match in AEW already. That one went to a 20-minute draw. In reality, this was the perfect match to decide who “Le Champion” would take on at Revolution. As the bout came to a close, PAC attempted the Black Arrow but missed, giving Moxley the chance to win even with one eye. Moxley caught PAC who went for a pump kick, hitting him with the sudden Paradigm Shift DDT.

PAC kicked out at two, with this match only continuing. Jericho, who was on commentary, even had a tough time calling he match because he clearly knew the threat either man proposed if they were to step in the ring with him at Revolution. Back to the match. Moxley went to the top rope but PAC answered fast, hitting a superplex then locking in the Brutalizer. “The Bastard” pulled back on it as far as he could but Mox managed to get the boot on the rope to get out of the hold. An angered PAC had his anger get the best of him, allowing Moxley to hit a Paradigm Shift DDT for the win and to become the official number one contender. Buckle up.

Dynamite of the Night: Hangman Page and Kenny Omega

Reports came out two nights ago that a major title change occurred at the tapings on the Jericho Cruise. And it was true, as the team that did not want to be together managed to become the second-ever AEW Tag Team Champions. Hangman Page continued to show signs of no trust and not being on the same page with his tag team partner, Kenny Omega. But after last week, he had no choice as they earned the opportunity to get this shot and had to take it. Omega was on another level, showing that “The Best Bout Machine” still had that in him if needed. There were a number of close two counts before the finish. One included the perfect teamwork by Page and Omega, but Scorpio Sky managed to kick out.

Something worth noting is that Omega and Hangman were in control for the majority of the match. As I said, Omega found that second level. “The Cleaner” attempted a V-Trigger but was met with a knee strike by Sky, leading to an SCU Later by Frankie Kazarian and Sky. Page managed to push Sky into the pin to break it up. After that, Page dominated. Buckshot clothesline to Sky on the ramp then a buckshot clothesline to Kazarian in the middle of the ring to become the new AEW Tag Team Champions. History has been made as the first title change in the history of AEW has occurred. The Young Bucks came down to celebrate and Hangman did not seem pleased. He shook them off and went to drink with the fans instead. The gears continue to turn in the mind of Hangman, who is finding that next level and being disrespected by The Elite… even if they don’t notice.

The first title change at sea and in AEW history. A new number one contender for Chris Jericho’s AEW World Championship. All in all a good week for AEW Dynamite.

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