Wrestlevania Begins Announcing Matches for WrestleMania Week

Since the Joey Janela Spring Break, it has become a fad to book a wrestler themed wrestling show. WrestleMania week in 2020 will have more wrestler themed shows joining Joey Janela’s Springbreak is EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch, Jimmy Llyod’s D-Generation F and Markus Crane’s Bandage a Go-Go. Along with all of those shows will be two of the biggest breakout stars of 2019, WARHORSE and Danhuasen, in conjunction with Black Label Pro and ACTION Wrestling presenting Wrestlevania on April 4th, 2020. The show is set to be one of the weirder shows with some of the biggest talents of WrestleMania week facing off against some unlikely opponents. 


The show is set to feature the two people it was named after. Both current Independent TV Champion WARHORSE and Danhuasen will be competing in some capacity on the show that has yet to be announced. Jake Something was also announced for the show and will be looking to use a large showcase to make a name for himself in 2020. 


Allie Kat (Allie Bat) vs Shazza Mckenzie 


The first match announced for Wrestlevania was Australian star Shazza Mckenzie taking on a pack of wolfs but was soon changed to Shazza Mckenzie taking on Allie Bat. Shazza is a long-time veteran of the Australian wrestling scene and is also known to make regular trips to the United States where she has wrestled for CHIKARA, Black Label, SHIMMER and AEW among other promotions. She will be taking on another breakout talent of 2019, Allie Kat. The Texas native wrestled virtually everywhere in 2019 from GCW to CHIKARA to Battle Club Pro to AIW. Allie Kat proved that she wasn’t afraid to get in the ring with some of the toughest opponents like her GCW debut against Pinkie Sanchez or her AIW match against Matthew Justice. Allie Kat will certainly be one of the most booked wrestlers of WrestleMania weekend. 

Nick Gage vs Daniel Makabe 


Last year it seemed like Nick Gage was on every single WrestleMania weekend show – it also seemed like he headlined most of them. This year looks to be about the same, with him already hinting at a match against Will Ospreay at GCW and now this first time ever matches against Daniel Makabe at Wrestlevania. Makabe is a Vancouver wrestler who mostly wrestles out of Seattle with 3-2-1 Battle. He is one of the best technical wrestlers in North America but has no problem shying away from hard-hitting strikes. Which makes this matchup extremely interesting. Nick Gage isn’t known for his technical prowess but he is much better at it than most would expect Makabe is going to have to work to get Nick Gage to submit.

This show is starting to heat up even with only two match announcements. Make sure to keep a lookout of who will be added to this show next. 

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