Preview: IMPACT Wrestling – Hard To Kill (1/12/20)

IMPACT Wrestling returns to Pay-Per-View this Sunday night when they bring to us Hard To Kill, a name fitting of the organization’s “never say die” approach within its leadership down to the talents of the promotion. Hard To Kill promises to be one of the most memorable shows in IMPACT Wrestling history. Here’s what to expect from the big show this coming Sunday.

Brian Cage vs. RVD

Hard to Kill
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

For the first time, The Machine Brian Cage takes on the new and improved Rob Van Dam. Ever since RVD turned his back on Rhino, RVD has been doing two main things on IMPACT Wrestling. Talking about everyone such as Brian Cage stealing his moves and smooching with Katie Forbes EVERYWHERE. This story between the two challengers began during a backstage segment with Brian Cage and Jimmy Jacobs. During the interview, Katie Forbes and RVD came out of nowhere with the two basically dry humping one another while poor Cage is trying to have his interview. 

Since then, the two kept showing up wherever Cage has been and have just continued with their public displays of affection. 

Cage would have no more of it but RVD would berate Cage as being one of the many stars of today who stole RVD’s moves. Now, the two are on a collision path with Cage trying to teach RVD some respect and RVD trying to show Cage how his moves are done. Will Cage be able to defeat RVD this Sunday? Or will RVD be able to focus in his match with Cage and show hints of the whole F’N show?

Madman Fulton vs. Ken Shamrock

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Madman Fulton and Ken Shamrock are on the warpath which will most likely get extremely violent this Sunday at Hard To Kill. With Shamrock getting involved in the ongoing war between Tessa Blanchard and OVE, Madman Fulton took exception to this. On a previous episode of IMPACT Wrestling snapped on Ken Shamrock and took out the Worlds Most Dangerous Man. Ken Shamrock, being the ultimate fighter he is, always fights back and is looking to put an end to Fulton. Will Shamrock not only be able to control and tame the big man with a brutal beatdown? Or will Madman Fulton come out as the surprise of the night by destroying Ken Shamrock? Will Madman Fulton finally be unleashed?

Moose vs. Rhino

Hard To Kill
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Money Moose has certainly proved why he is the five-star athlete of IMPACT Wrestling. Doing some of the most impressive things on IMPACT such as play tennis with a pro and beat him on his first day of playing, playing Basketball and shooting three-pointers with his back turned and much more, Moose has gained a ton of confidence especially after defeating opponents such as RVD, Stephan Bonnar, and Ken Shamrock in his return match. But now, Moose may have picked a fight with the wrong guy as on a recent episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Moose and Rhino crossed each other in the back and Moose received a gore for his troubles. Moose believes his spear is more effective than Rhinos Gore and Rhino’s response is to simply attack. Will Moose be able to defeat another legend this weekend or will Rhino show Moose that the Gore is the most brutal spear in the business?

Call Your Shot Trophy On The Line – Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin 

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Two of IMPACT Wrestling’s best all-around wrestlers, Michael Elgin and Eddie Edwards, reaches new heights as Edwards has put his Call Your Shot Trophy on the line. This is an achievement Edwards earned on the October 20th edition of IMPACT Wrestling by defeating 19 other competitors. Since then Elgin and Edwards have met on several occasions with Elgin always having the same goal, put Edwards in the hospital. Edwards and Elgin began the new year on IMPACT Wrestling this week with a helluva match up that did see Elgin win this particular battle. 

However, the war is far from over and Edwards has something to prove, so much so, he has put up the Call Your Shot trophy up against Elgin at Hard To Kill. Who will come out the victor? Will Elgin continue to put people in hospitals and beat Edwards to unspeakable lengths to the point that Edwards pays a visit to a local medical facility? Or will Edwards get his win back against Elgin and move forward with the trophy?

IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championships: The North (All Ego Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (C) vs. Willie Mack & Rich Swann

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

The IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team champions The North face Willie Mack & Rich Swann for one more match as The North has the advantage here having already defeated the team back at Turning Point. But the team of Swann and Mack are determined to take the titles from The North. Josh Alexander has been out with an injury and hasn’t wrestled on IMPACT for over two months. This could be an advantage for the team of Swann and Mack. Could we see new champs on Sunday with Mack and Swann? Or does The North continue to dominate the tag team scene in IMPACT Wrestling?

X-Division Championship: Ace Austin (C) vs. Trey Miguel

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

A match while for the title may see the defense of the title take a back seat for the personal hatred these two have for each other. This all began when Trey won a number one contenders match against Aiden Prince, Brent Banks, Petey Williams, Willie Mack, and Rohit Raju. You would think he would be able to have the time to celebrate his victory with having his mother attend the match. However, Ace Austin, while on commentary, had some disgusting words for Trey’s mom and has since been trying to make a move on her. Ever since Ace won the X-Division title, we’ve seen adult movies from him, and newfound confidence where he’s so confident he can get anyone, including Trey’s mom. 

Trey, having none of it, would be able to get his hands on Ace Austin, but not enough to be satisfied with sufficient punishment. This Sunday however, Trey gets his time with Ace Austin and promises to not only teach Ace a lesson in respect but also take his title and become the new X-Division champ. Will Ace Austin find a trick up his sleeve and come out the victor? Or will Trey be able to defend his mother’s honor and become the new X-Division champ?

IMPACT Knockouts Championship: Taya Valkyrie (C) vs. ODB vs. Jordynne Grace

Hard To Kill
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

The longest reigning champion in IMPACT Wrestling and undoubtedly the most dominant champion, Taya, has been the juggernaut of the promotion. There is no doubt that whichever opponent she has, she beats, and in convincing fashion. But could La Wera Loca be tested this Sunday? It seems so as she has to face two of the most powerful knockouts in Jordynne Grace and former Knockouts champ, ODB. Both Knockouts have earned their way to the title but is it enough for either one of them to go over Taya to become the new champion? 

IMPACT World Championship: Sami Callihan (C) vs. Tessa Blanchard

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Since the Summer of 2019, these two have been at war with each other. Tessa Blanchard has gone through the gauntlet that is Ohio Versus Everything and Sami Callihan has done everything in his power to keep Tessa at bay, but that doesn’t stop the World Champ from treating her with equal rights as he would put it. What’s impressive is that no matter where they are, if they’re under the same building the two will fight. Through Wrestle Circus, IMPACT Wrestling or Pro Wrestling Revolver, this feud is bound to meet its end. Tessa, though losing to Sami in their first encounter at Slammiversary, never stopped fighting.

For Sami though, once he defeated Tessa, his next goal was to win the IMPACT World Championship. At IMPACT Wrestling’s first show on AXS TV, Sami would achieve his dream and not become the world champion but would do so at the expense of The Machine, Brian Cage. Tessa along with several other stars was granted an opportunity to contend for the World title though back in October when she won a 6 person gauntlet match defeating Brian Cage, Michael Elgin, Rich Swann, Moose, and Daga. Who will come out on top though? Will Tessa Blanchard make history this Sunday and achieve the pinnacle of her career and make become the World Champion of IMPACT Wrestling? Or will Sami Callihan keep his promise of treating Tessa like another competitor and provide an equal opportunity whooping?

Stay tuned to the Last Word on Pro Wrestling for more on this and other stories from around the world of wrestling, as they develop. You can always count on LWOPW to be on top of the major news in the wrestling world, as well as to provide you with analysis, previews, videos, interviews, and editorials on the wrestling world.  You can watch Hard To Kill and other content from IMPACT Wrestling on IMPACT Plus or you can watch Hard To Kill on Fite TV

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