NWA “Wild Man” Pampero Firpo Passes Away at 90


Pampero Firpo, one of the toughest most feared wrestlers for three decades from the 1950s to 1980s, has passed away at the age of 90, according to a tweet sent out on Thursday from Firpo’s son.

The Argentinian wrestling star trained to become a pro wrestler in the early 1950s, debuting in 1953. His rough shot style made the wildman an early pioneer of hardcore wrestling, and he started out early as Ivan The Terrible. By the early 1960s, he had adopted his more famous persona, Pampero Firpo, a name given to him by boxing star Jack Dempsey.

A consummate journeyman, Firpo became more of an attraction than a regular worker for one territory, much like other attractions of the time, like Gorgeous George, Andre the Giant and Bruiser Brody. He was a regular rotating character with everyone from Southside Sports/Big Time Wrestling in Texas (prior to its rebranding as World Class Championship Wrestling), Big Time Wrestling/NWA Detroit, Mid South, World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF), Pacific Northwest Wrestling in Portland, Mid-Atlantic, American Wrestling Association (AWA), and much more. He also competed in Japan with All Japan Wrestling.

Pampero Firpo retired in 1986, and went on to work for the US Postal Service in San Jose, Calfornia for another 25 years. Last Word on Pro Wrestling sends our deepest condolences to his family, friends and peers.

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