AEW Dynamite Highlights – Jon Moxley’s Inner Circle Decision (1/8/20)

After a strong effort to begin 2020, it was time for the “Anniversary” edition of Dynamite as All Elite Wrestling celebrates one year of formation. With a first-time-ever match scheduled, an AEW Women’s Championship match as Riho puts the championship on the line, and a big decision looming for the unhinged Jon Moxley. Can they carry the momentum for a second straight week? Here are the highlights.

Dynamite Notes:

This is where the moments that are not necessarily highlight-worthy but still worth mentioning to keep all updated and give some love to specific members of the AEW roster. If you cannot place on either this or the highlights, you know it just wasn’t too good at all. (looking at you, Nightmare Collective)

Hangman Page is only improving more and more at his new role he is in. “Cowboy Shit” has become the loudest chants in the building and despite not wanting to team with Kenny Omega, there’s a real chance they could be entered in the tag title picture.

– Contrary to what was said earlier, Nightmare Collective will be involved in the notes. They ruined the Kris Statlander vs Riho championship match. This group was not a good idea and that continues to be the case.

– “The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara is finally racking up wins like he should be. Pentagon helped him defeat Christopher Daniels, but a win is a win.

Dynamite Highlight: PAC Remains Focused On Kenny Omega

What makes PAC so great in AEW is the fact he seems to be the only one to care about winning and losing. You would think everyone would, but no one is going to the efforts PAC is to get a win back after losing to Kenny Omega almost two months ago. He has demanded multiple times that he wants the rubber match and now is taking it to a physical state once again. PAC appeared on the screen following Omega’s match to start the show. He had Kenny’s friend, Michael Nakazawa, locked into the Brutalizer and pulled back until Omega understood. “The Bastard” promised this will continue until he is given his match. Omega vs PAC III is on the way, possibly at Revolution.

Dynamite Highlight: First Time Ever – The Rhodes Brothers vs The Lucha Bros

AEW Dynamite

Cody and Dustin Rhodes were special when they teamed together in the WWE. Their brotherhood made people instant fans and now they can do that all over again in AEW. For the first time ever, Cody teamed with his brother to take on the Lucha Bros, Pentagon and Fenix. The Lucha Bros started off their 2020 in a cold way last week when they lost, making this almost a must-win for them. They really had the advantage in this one too, as they team far more together. But that did not matter. Cody hiring Arn Anderson to be his head coach of the Nightmare Family has made him one of the best bets to walk out with a win. Dustin would hit a Canadian Destroyer onto Pentagon, Cody would hit the Cody Cutter, and Dustin put an end to the match with the Final Cut.

After the match, Tony Schiavone walked to the ring to ask if Cody was going to accept the MJF offer. Arn Anderson denied an answer and said they will be thinking about it this week. Yes, Cody’s efforts are on MJF right now but it’s difficult to believe he may want to enter the tag division with Dustin.

Dynamite Highlight: When Time Stood Still – The Orange Cassidy And Luchasaurus Staredown

The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy had a six-man tag team match with the Jurassic Express. To say this match didn’t involve some of the most over people in AEW would be a complete lie. And the moment people didn’t know they were waiting for happened when Orange Cassidy was tagged into the match and had a staredown with Luchasaurus. The crowd erupted as these two went face to face. Jungle Boy managed to get a victory for the Jurassic Express, as his fortunes seem to be turning.

Dynamite of the Night: Jon Moxley

The night would end with Jon Moxley revealing to Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle if he was going to be joining the group or not. Remember 49% of ownership and a Ford GT were part of the acceptance. The unhinged Moxley could have certainly went either way, but by all accounts, this was a celebration type of moment to them. Bubbly was present, Guevara and Jake Hager were alongside Jericho, and the red carpet was in the middle. Moxley questioned if Jericho understood what exactly Moxley wants. But then all of a sudden, he accepted. The Inner Circle shirt was revealed under his jacket. Moxley went on about how this is the most unstoppable group in AEW. Jericho was excited and Mox even called him the greatest of all time. By all accounts, it was just bubbly time. Or so we thought.

Jon Moxley is by no means a simple man. If you were watching, you were waiting for Moxley to snap. He was all-in on the celebration as Jericho chirped the crowd. Moxley reminded Jericho of the car and he was handed the keys. The crowd chanted “you sold out” and he had no problem. Hager and Guevara would exit the ring which meant it was time for Moxley to strike Jericho. Which is exactly what he did. He stated he forgot one thing, saying he was just kidding and called The Inner Circle stupid. He made the point that he wanted the AEW World Championship and planted both Jericho and Guevara with the Paradigm Shift. Oh, and he kept the keys to the car. This rivalry is just getting started.

Next week, it will be the “Bash at the Beach” edition of AEW Dynamite. This show will include PAC vs Darby Allin, DDP returning to the ring for a match, and Kris Statlander joining forces with Hikaru Shida to face the Nightmare Collective.

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