Preview: Stardom- 9th Anniversary (1/19/20)

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Stardom celebrates its ninth anniversary with Queen’s Quest taking on STARS for the World and Wonder Of Stardom championships.  The top gaijins challenge for the Goddesses Of Stardom championships and Kagetsu’s retirement road continues as she takes on Tam Nakano in her final Korakuen Hall appearance with Stardom.  All this and more on as Stardom celebrates its 9th anniversary

Queen’s Quest (Leo Onozaki & Rina) vs Tokyo Cyber Squad (Ruaka & Rina)

Some of Stardom’s youngest and brightest square off here.  Hina and Rina recently had a good match that showcased their growth since their debuts and this tag should give us a chance to see everyone’s development.  They like to have Rina pin Hina so we expect that to happen again unless Leo or Ruaka get the win.

AZM vs Starlight Kid vs Zoey Skye

A high speed battle here between three of the competitors in the upcoming High Speed GP.  AZM and SLK get to continue their feud here which always makes for a fun time.  Skye is definitely in here to take the pin but it will be interesting to see whether AZM or SLK is given the win.

STARS (Itsuki Hoshino, Saya Iida & Saya Kamitani) vs Oedo Tai (Saki Kashima, Natsu Sumire & Natsuko Tora)

9th Anniversary

Apparently all the new people just go to STARS as long as they’re babyfaces.  Kamitani, Iida, and Hoshino are kind of their own subgroup and their matches are usually fun.  This one is likely to be a win for Oedo Tai who are looking to re-establish themselves having lost three members in the past few months.  With Oedo Tai in a rebuilding phase, it’s interesting to see who gets the most wins as they stand out as the clear potential leader

Tokyo Cyber Squad (Hana Kimura, Death Yama-San & Leyla Hirsch) vs Giulia, X & X

9th Anniversary

Giulia and Hana continue their feud after the two battled to a time limit draw at Year End Climax.  They went on to team up at Wrestle Kingdom but miscommunication caused them to lose to Arisa Hoshiki and Mayu Iwatani.  One would assume that one of Giulia’s partners will be Andras Miyagi as they have teamed together on smaller shows and Miyagi is nowhere to be found on this card.  The other partner is a total mystery as it could be someone turning or it could be someone making the jump to Stardom.  Saori Anou was our guess but she is advertised for another show that clashes with Stardom.  Ryo Mizunami is also a free agent having left Pro Wrestling WAVE so it could also be her.

Kagetsu Retirement Road: Kagetsu vs Tam Nakano

9th Anniversary

Kagetsu’s retirement is throwing out some fun matches as we near the end of her career.  These two had a really fun clash at last year’s cinderella tournament as Nakano shocked everyone and eliminated Kagetsu (and herself) via a time limit draw.  This time the two will have more than ten minutes to collide in what could be a real show stealer.  Nakano has quietly become a really good wrestler and Kagetsu is sure to get the best out of her as these two will trade strikes and big hits.  Tam Nakano getting the win would be huge for her as she spent time in Kagetsu’s Oedo Tai faction and beating her former leader would be a big win.

Goddesses Of Stardom Championships: Tokyo Cyber Squad (Konami & Jungle Kyona) vs Bea Priestley & Jamie Hayter

The TCS duo of Konami and Jungle Kyona have made three defences of their titles so far.  They have overcome a couple of makeshift tag teams already like the Tam Nakano/Arisa Hoshiki team.  Priestley and Hayter have been booked really well ever since forming their faction crossing team.  Priestley is a former World Of Stardom champion and Hayter is someone that Stardom really like so it wouldn’t be a shock to see them walk away with the titles.  The real question comes from Hayter’s future in Stardom as it’s unclear when she will have to go back to the UK although her current tour has been longer than usual.  Konami is coming off of a big loss to Hoshiki and a win here would help her get her momentum back.

Wonder Of Stardom Championship: Arisa Hoshiki (C) vs Utami Hayashishita

9th Anniversary

Arisa Hoshiki’s long reign could be in real trouble here.  There aren’t many people that expecter her to still have the title coming out of Year End Climax but she managed to retain against Konami and has now been challenged by the prodigy Utami Hayashishita.  Utami has had a rocket strapped to her back ever since her debut in late 2018.  In less than two years she has won five titles and still holds three.  While her push did stall in 2018 due to two injuries she is still a dominant figure in Stardom.  The white belt has been used lately for long reigns that establish the holder as a real star so Hoshiki retaining and getting closer to Momo Watanabe‘s defence record is possible. It is also possible that Stardom goes all-in on Utami and give her the Wonder Of Stardom title and allow her to flourish as champion.

World Of Stardom Championship: Mayu Iwatani (C) vs Momo Watanabe

A rematch of one of the best matches of 2019 as Watanabe challenges Mayu Iwatani for the title.  Iwatani only won the title in November so it’s unlikely she loses it here but Momo has ben booked stronger than anyone in Stardom since Io Shirai left and it’s always possible they give her the title win.  This is guaranteed to be a good match though as Mayu is the best babyface in wrestling and Watanabe plays her role as the ruthless heel to perfection.  Their recent 5STAR GP match saw Watanabe get the win but Mayu has improved since that encounter and is intent on leading Stardom into the Bushiroad era.  It would be a poetic moment for Stardom’s OG Mayu Iwatani to walk out of their 9th Anniversary as the World Of Stardom Champion.

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