#AndNEW: Bandido Wins PWG Championship


Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) has been one of the top indies on the west coast. It has a history going back over a decade and the championship known as the PWG Championship is filled with a who’s who of names. Guys like Adam Cole, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Zack Sabre Jr, Kenny Omega, Daniel Bryan, El Generico and many more that don’t even scratch the surface. Two nights ago, PWG held its final event of the year The Makings of A Varsity Athlete. In the main event, World Champion Jeff Cobb would defend against Bandido.

The PWG Championship for the last year has been held by one. Jeff Cobb. Jeff Cobb’s reign of over 400 Days would feature bouts against the likes of Trevor Lee, Bandido, Jonathan Gresham and even beating WALTER for the championship. Bandido, on the other hand, would gain a following in PWG, being involved in both the 2018 and 2019 Battle of Los Angeles (PWG Annual Tournament). When Bandido won the tournament, he defeated Puma King, Brody King, and Dragon Lee to get to the finals, then defeating David Starr and Jonathan Gresham in the finals of the tournament. Challenging Jeff Cobb once again at the next event.

On the night that critics say was one of the best shows that PWG has had in 2019, Bandido would finally defeat Jeff Cobb for the PWG Championship. Ending his 427 Day reign as champion. This is the first time Bandido has held gold for the company. Being known as a tag worker with his partner Flamita, these two tournaments really showcased the single’s potential of both of these wrestlers. Not only did Bandido break the reign, but he also broke a trend of PWG titles not changing hands in over a year. That’s kinda astounding if you think about it. Bandido is also the first-ever person from Mexico to hold the PWG Championship. The future is bright for the bandit and it can only get higher going into 2020.

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