Preview: Beyond – Uncharted Territory Episode 12 (12/19/19)

Uncharted Territory

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner and only two more episodes of Uncharted Territory left things have certainly been heating up. This week sees the return of David Starr, the first time teaming of Legit Legends and former friends fighting. With Heavy Lies the Crown right around the corner Beyond’s roster will be trying to impress and get onto one of Beyond’s biggest shows of the year. 

David Starr vs Layla Hirsch 

Uncharted Territory

This week David Starr returns for a rare Uncharted Territory appearance only a few weeks before he is set to take on Erick Stevens at Heavy Lies the Crown. Over the two seasons of Uncharted Territory David Starr’s appearances have been few and far between but they have always been worthwhile. In the first main event of Uncharted Territory, he faced Masato Tanaka in a fantastic match. This season David Starr faced Mercedes Martinez in a match of the year contender. Starr returns this week to take on a break out star of Uncharted Territory Leyla Hirsch. The Russian wrestler is coming off of a win with her tag team partner Wheeler Yuta over AC MACK and Fred Yehi. If Starr’s matches are any indicator this match is going to be awesome. Expect to hear about Leyla Hirsch as one of the early breakout stars of 2020.  

John Silver vs Eddie Kingston 

John Silver has had a lot of ups and downs this year. He broke up with his tag team partner then started a long losing streak. Early in season two, Eddie Kingston gave Silver a pep talk which sent John Silver on a winning run. Last week they teamed up to face the undefeated team of Nerder Death Kill. One of the streaks had to come to an end and it was John Silver’s, with Nick Gage and Thomas Santell getting the victory. As the match ended the crowd sung happy birthday to Kingston and Kingston low blowed John Silver. This week they will settle their differences in a match as former friends face off. 

Legit Legends vs Nick Gage, Kris Statlander and ???

Uncharted Territory

Larry Legend returned to Uncharted Territory a few weeks ago as the manager of Chuck O’Neil and last week they returned with some friends to take on team Pazuzu, Vliicene is Forever. Violence is Forever was able to beat team Pazuzu and will be teaming up with Chuck O’Neil as one of the most hated teams in Uncharted Territory. They will face the team of Nick Gage, Kris Statlander and a third opponent. Thomas Santell was supposed to be the third as the team of Nerder Death Kris, who competed as team Beyond in King of Trios, but Santell was injured in last week’s match and had to be pulled out. 

Team Pazuzu (Chris Dickinson & Pinkie Sanchez) vs Whatever It Takes (VSK, Mark Sterling & Alex Reynolds)

Team Pazuzu is coming off a big loss after facing the surprise opponents of Violence is Forever they will be looking to fix that when they take on Whatever It Takes. Managed by Mark Sterling the team of VSK and Alex Reynolds has been heating up getting some big wins using some underhanded tactics. This will be the second time these two teams meet as at episode 4 Dickinson would beat Alex Reynolds and throw Mark Sterling outside the White Eagle. Sterling has announced on twitter that he will try to get Dickinson removed from the match because of his dick strings. The match was also announced as a 3 on 2 handicap match. Will Team Pazuzu be able to get in another win before their big New Year’s Eve match of will Whatever It Takes use more dirty tactics to win another huge match for them? 

Tournament for Tomorrow Round 2: Alec Price vs Christan Casanova 

Uncharted Territory

Beyond’s 2019 version of Tournament for Tomorrow has certainly been interesting during the first round. Alec Price was able to upset favorite to win the whole thing Josh Briggs with the help of Briggs former best friend Anthony Greene. While Christan Casanova was supposed to face Robo the Punjabi Lion who was attacked and replaced by Ken Doane, The former stablemate of Casanova. Casanova was able to trick Ken Doane into being pinned and was able to move on to the second round of the tournament. These two will face off to move on to the finals of the 2019 Tournament for Tomorrow. 

Tournament for Tomorrow Round 2: CJ Cruz vs Richard Holliday

CJ Cruz has certainly gotten off to a hot start in Beyond beating Beyond regular Anthony Greene in the first round of the Tournament for Tomorrow in a huge upset. The little brick shit house will take on Club Cam member Richard Holliday. Holliday was able to sneak out a win over DL Hurst last week in a really great first-round match. With the help of Club Cam Richard Holliday looks like a favorite to win this match but CJ Cruz might be able to pick up the win. 

Discovery Gauntlet: Arron Rourke (C) vs Nick Stapp 

Uncharted Territory

Arron Rourke has put on quite an impressive Discovery Gauntlet run these last three weeks. Last week he was able to beat Anthony Bowens is one of the best Discovery Gauntlet matches of the season. Rourke will be looking to make it four and zero this week when he takes on Nick Stapp also known as CPA. Stapp has also appeared on 205 Live as Tim Gange losing to The Singh Brothers in a handicap match. With only one more episode of Uncharted Territory left after this one Rourke will certainly be looking to finish out the season as the winner of the Discovery Gauntlet.

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