Teams That Could Be In 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Dusty Rhodes
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With the announcement that the Dusty Rhodes Classic will be returning in 2020 we will take a look at some teams we think could enter the prestigious tag team tournament.  With NXT having access to teams from NXT UK and 205 Live this tournament could span all three brands.  There would be no point in listing the obvious teams like The Undisputed Era so take it as a given that they will be in the tournament.

Mustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven)

Mustache Mountain
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The former NXT Tag team champions have been plying their trade in NXT UK lately while also making occasional appearances on the UK indie scene where they currently hold two sets of titles.  They will be familiar faces to the NXT fanbase and could rekindle their feud with the Undisputed Era.

The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake)

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The midcard heel faction has been part of the NXT tag team division ever since their formation.  They aren’t threats to win but they can put on good matches and are recognizable names.

Keith Lee & Lio Rush

Dusty Rhodes Classic

This mish-mash team of the former cruiserweight champion Rush and the powerhouse Lee are set to team up on the Christmas edition of NXT.  It would be weird to team these two up if it weren’t a set up for a potential run in the Dusty Rhodes Classic.  Teams made up of singles stars have fared well in previous tournaments and NXT seems high on both Lee and Rush who could have a good feud with the Undisputed Era.

South Wales Sub-Culture (Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews)

Dusty Rhodes Classic
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The former NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster are two high fliers that have managed to etch out a role as underdogs.  They recently debuted on RAW and dropped the tag titles but they could be a good addition to the tournament as they can be relied on to have good matches.

The Fashion Police (Tyler Breeze & Fandango)

NXT Recap
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Ever since Fandango’s return these two have been plying their trade in the NXT tag team division.  They have yet to gain much momentum but a run in the Dusty Rhodes Classic would help to get them back in a prominent position on the show and possibly help them rack up some wins.

Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner)

Imperium have popped up on NXT TV from time to time.  The faction has been the main focus of NXT UK ever since their formation as they boats NXT UK champion WALTER as their leader.  The team of Aichner and Barthel are really good and could have some great matches if added into this tournament.

Brit-Am Brawlers

Dusty Rhodes Classic
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Now part of 205 Live it has been a few months since we’ve seen this popular team in NXT.  A return to take part in the Dusty Rhodes Classic would go down well with the Full Sail crowd who made the two a cult favorite during their time in NXT.


NXT Tag Teams
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These two teamed together in the last tournament and now that both are on the babyface side we could see them come back together again.  While Gargano is currently occupied feuding with Finn Balor this would be a good way to fill time between now and the next TakeOver.

Any Combo Of Main Eventers

Photo: WWE

This tournament has a history of pairing off some of NXT’s top names to form successful teams.  The Limitless Bros of Matt Riddle and Keith Lee could form a team, as could Ciampa and Riddle, we may even see Lee team up with rival turned ally Dominik Dijakovic.  NXT also likes to pair rivals in this tournament so a superteam of Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano isn’t out of the question for the black and yellow brand’s tag tournament.

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