Sin Cara Makes A Surprise Appearance At AAA Event

At tonights AAA Lucha Libre’s Guerra De Titanes, Sin Cara, who just last Sunday was granted his release from the WWE, made his appearance tonight in dramatic fashion when the rudos (heels) team of Killer Kross, Chessman, Taurus, and Texano Jr. took the victory over the team of Willie Mack, Puma King, Murder Clown, and Pagano in a tables ladders and chairs match.

At the conclusion of the match, the rudos team jumped on the tecnicos (babyface) team, but a surprise wrestler, which Konnan had been referring to on the latest Keepin’ It 100 was not having it and Sin Cara appeared and helped the tecnicos to clear the ring of everyone. Unfortunately, the AAA twitch channel went out when he actually got on the mic to say something.

However, it’s safe to say that Sin Cara has made more of an impact in just a few minutes than he has made in quite a long time. Cara most recently appeared on WWE television in a mini-program working with Andrade where he would lose all his matches. Sin Cara had just returned to WWE television after a long hiatus.

Shortly after the program Sin Cara would go on to twitter to publicly announce wanting to be released by the company. on December 7th, 2019, the company made the release official. The man behind the mask, Jorge Arias, is the second version of the Sin Cara character as the original was played by Luis Urive, who wrestles as Caristico in CMLL. A short program would take place between Arias as Sin Cara versus Luis Urives Sin Cara, and the rest is history as they say.

AAA would wind up replaying the audio lost during Sin Cara’s debut and he would say that AAA is his new home moving forward as it seems he has worked out a deal to wrestle for the promotion. What’s next for Sin Cara’s new journey with Mexicos most popular promotion and what programs could we see him in?

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