Marty Scurll Appears at NWA Into The Fire

Marty Scurll

After the main event of NWA Into The Fire with James Storm and Nick Aldis, which saw the champion retain. Aldis made it a point that no one would be able to defeat him for the title and after he did, the lights shut down and the piano keys very familiar to our ears played followed by the vintage “WOOP WOOP!” of only one man’s music.

The Villian Marty Scurll made his way to the ring, confronted Nick Aldis, and the show finished from there. After much speculation of Marty Scurll’s contract coming to an end with ROH, it would seem that last night’s show, Final Battle, was his last, but it is not concrete as the promotion has its tapings on Sunday, 12/15/19. What is next for Marty Scurll and the NWA? Will Scurll appear at tomorrow night’s ROH tapings?

Aldis and Scurll, while best friends have a history together as the two have faced off for the “10 Pounds of Gold” back in late April for the joint show NWA/ROH Crockett Cup where the two had a match that went close to twenty-four minutes. Aldis ultimately went over in this wild match in a program that saw the two friends ultimately go to war with one another at the big show.

The two have actually worked together and against one another more than twenty times in their careers stemming back since 2006 when they first were involved in a tag match with World Association Of Wrestling when they were tag team members in a multi-man tag match and later they would first face each other back in 2008 for All-Star Wrestling when that saw the Villain Marty Scurll defeat Nick Aldis but this time the stakes are much higher if or when a match is made between the two.

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