Preview: PWA & Fale Dojo – Liger Down Under (12/14/19)

Liger Down Under
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As we approach his retirement the legendary Jyushin Thunder Liger makes his way to PWA for Liger Down Under.  This show, run in association with the Fale Dojo, is a loaded show full of some of Australia’s finest as well as Young Lions from the Fale Dojo and, of course, Liger himself.

‘World’s Finest’ Carter Deams vs Patrick Schischka

Liger Down Under

Two of the region’s top Young Lions square off in a trans-Tasman clash.

Both men have been put through the wringer at the Fale Dojo over the last few years. So they will both be hoping to impress in this never before seen clash.

For Deams, this match may hold more significance given the success his friend and fellow member of The Babes Matty Wahlberg has had over the last few months. Can Deams establish himself as a threat in the Australian singles division by knocking off one of New Zealand’s best?

Big Fudge vs Will Kiedis

A match which stems from a recent prank by Big Fudge.

The prank occurred a recent episode of Kiedis’ show The Goober Report. Kiedis was tricked into making a disparaging comment about the legendary Liger and is out for payback.

This Saturday night Kiedis receives his chance to get back at Fudge inside the squared circle.

The Goober Report is finished

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Posted by PWA – Pro Wrestling Australia on Monday, December 9, 2019

Sean Kustom vs Andrew Villalobos vs Jimmy Townsend

Three men with varying degrees of experience are set to clash in what should be an enthralling triple threat encounter.

Jimmy Townsend is perhaps the least experienced of the three. But he will be looking to showcase his undeniable talent on the biggest stage of his career. Townsend and his Prefects Partner (Billy Preston) fell short just short of capturing the PWA Tag Team Titles last weekend. Which should mean Townsend enters this match with a renewed determination and fire.

Next up is Andrew Villalobos, a man who has spent a significant period of time within the Fale Dojo system. In the limited appearances we’ve seen of him in Aus Villalobos has impressed. Particularly in regards to his combination of power and agility.

Finally rounding out the trio is the world travelled Sean Kustom. Since beginning his career here in Australia Kustom has gone on to become a mainstay in the British independent scene. Having made his return to PWA last weekend Kustom has proven to PWA just how much he has improved, to the point where it was undeniable that he had to be included on this card.

This is sure to be a very entertaining match as three very different men test their abilities.

Kai Drake, Michael Spencer & Sam Osborne vs Speed Force (Paris De Silva, Jude London & Mat Rogers)

Liger Down Under

A huge six-man clash has been signed at the last minute for this weekend’s show.

On one side you have the speed and power of the newly formed trio, Speed Force. After months of courting, Mat Rogers finally joined The Velocities and created Speed Force. This weekend they will be looking to show just how dangerous the combination of speed and power can be.

Conversely on the other side of the ring you have the rapidly rising tag team of Kai Drake and Michael Spencer joined by solo young gun Sam Osborne. Since coming together Drake and Spencer have proven to be a quiet threat within PWA’s tag team division as they slowly rack up win after win. Adding the impressive Osborne to that mix could prove to be an unstoppable monster that PWA isn’t ready for.

The Nations (Madison Eagles & Jessica Troy) vs LUX (Xena & Kingsley)

Two incredibly well respected and experienced women are set to join forces for the first time in a long time this weekend. Madison Eagles and Jessica Troy have a long history as running mates within The Nations, but with Eagles taking a recent hiatus from in-ring action the duo has not teamed together for quite some time.

In that time Troy has improved greatly. Risen through the ranks of PWA, now holding a strong grasp over the PWWA Championship.

Standing across from the vastly experienced team of The Nations will be the youngsters LUX. Over the course of the past 12 months, LUX has gone from comedy sideshow to legitimate threats all around the country. If they can pick up a huge upset in this match it will undoubtedly be the biggest moment of their careers thus far.

Michael Richards & Mark Tui vs The Nations (Adam Hoffman & Mick Moretti)

Liger Down Under

Australia’s most dominant tag teams, The Nations, are set to put two of the top Fale Dojo representatives through their paces this weekend.

Richards and Tui will need to use their overwhelming power edge to get past the much more experienced team of Hoffman and Moretti.

‘Tuff Stuff’ Ricky South vs Tree Hugger Luchi

This match will be a battle of the schools as the top prospects from both the PWA Academy and Fale Dojo square off.

For the past three months Tree Hugger Luchi has pushed himself through the gruelling training program of the Fale Dojo. And done so with flying colours. Luchi now returns to home soil looking to showcase just how much he has improved.

Standing across from Luchi and looking to spoil the party is the pride of the PWA Academy, Ricky South. Ever since joining the Academy South has strived to be one of, if not the hardest working training within the system.

Which school’s philosophy and program will prove to be superior?

Robbie Eagles & Jyushin ‘Thunder’ Liger vs Jack J. Bonza & Bad Luck Fale

Liger Down Under

As Liger quickly races towards his final match at Wrestle Kingdom Australian fans are set to be given a treat this Saturday. Teaming up with Australia’s biggest star Robbie Eagles is a team made in heaven for many fans.

In just a short time Liger and Eagles have developed quite an impressive history. Their first encounter can during the NJPW debut of Eagles, where Eagles would capture the submission victory. The second clash came during this year’s Super Junior Tag League, where Liger would gain revenge with a quick roll-up victory. Currently sitting at one win apiece the two men have set aside their differences in order to join forces and battle a common enemy.

That enemy being the scary duo of ‘The Rogue General’ Bad Luke Fale and ‘The Ring Commando’ Jack J Bonza. This team will undoubtedly have the power edge. But can they handle the speed, experience and highflying talents of Eagles and Liger.

A true dream match which any self-respecting Australian wrestling fan should be there to see live!

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