The Return of Necro Butcher

In 2016, after a nearly 20-year career in professional wrestling, legendary hardcore icon Necro Butcher announced his retirement. After two decades of destroying his body throughout Ring of Honor, IWA Mid South, Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW), and many, many more, Necro Butcher quietly retired to enjoy his later years. But following an appearance at Game Changer Wrestling (GCW)‘s Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3 this past spring, Necro Butcher has slowly been making a comeback into the world of the ultra-violence. This past July, he returned to face Southern indie star O’Shay Edwards with Virginia’s Real Shoot Wrestling (RSW) and then again a month later with Detroit’s Horror Slam in a 6-man tag team match. With an entirely new generation of stars embracing the hardcore ethic that guys like Necro Butcher have created in the past few years, Necro Butcher is back to continue a legacy that began in 1998. In January, he’s heading to Impact Championship Wrestling (ICW New York), where he’ll face one of the true monsters of American Hardcore, a man known simply as SHLAK.

Necro Butcher made his pro wrestling debut in 1998, but it wasn’t until the begin of the indie scene’s rise in 2001 when he began working with IWA Mid South, that Necro Butcher became a rising name on the scene. He would become a hardcore legend in IWA Mid South, CZW and other hardcore indie promotions, as well as performing with ROH, Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), Beyond Wrestling and others.

In Ring of Honor, he was one of the enforcers with Age of the Fall, a stable led by Jimmy Jacobs, who featured a rising young talent named Tyler Black (who would find greater success in WWE as Seth Rollins). “In the way that Sabu was revolutionary for his time, The Necro Butcher is that guy for our time,” Rollins told back in 2014. “He channels all these great brawlers of the past, has this unique look and is completely fearless. I’ve wrestled with him and against him and he can do anything you need him to do.”

“He’s just so captivating to watch, because anything could happen at any moment,” Rollins continued. Things could go crazy. His matches against Samoa Joe were such a strange clash of styles, they were incredible to watch. There’s just this crazy energy between the two of them, because Joe is this animal of a man, but Necro can take every single thing that Joe can dish out. You can feel it. Necro Butcher is something special.”

With a whole new generation of hardcore fans and wrestlers pushing the game with the likes of GCW, ICW New York, Hardcore Hustle Organization (H20), CZW, Horror Slam, and more, the demand to see this genre’s legends and icons have only grown exponentially. And on January 4, 2020 at ICW New York’s No Holds Barred event, fans will get see the legend himself face off against SHLAK, one of the wildest and most unpredictable hardcore wrestlers alive today.

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