Women’s Champion Kelly Klein Released by ROH

Kelly Klein
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As many people saw in Twitterverse a few weeks back, former Ring of Honor agent Joey Mercury, who quit the company during their last UK tour, took to his Twitter and lashed out at Ring of Honor management for what Mercury deemed unsafe conditions, lack of medical staff, and the company’s lack of concussion protocol. One of the talents, ROH’s Women of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein, responded to Mercury’s tweets to support him in his release and mentioned she was trying to make ROH “better and safer.” She also sent Mercury several private messages from her conversations with ROH management, which showed just how little ROH was paying their women’s division, particularly their WOH Champion.

Women’s Champion Kelly Klein Released by ROH

And now it appears that due to leaks and support she showed Mercury has led us to today, as news emerged that Kelly Klein – still the active WOH Champion – had been released earlier this week.

To make things even worse, Mercury released another email with Klein’s consent that shows that she was indeed let go on November 19, but what was shadier – that she was released via an email.


With the news making its rounds, Klein’s real-life husband BJ Whitmer, a former ROH star and current agent with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), took to Twitter to confirm what Mercury had shared. He also confirmed that Klein was still recovering from a concussion she suffered months ago (the one that Mercury claims ROH ignored in his initial tirade).


So it seems Ring of Honor has chosen to fire their 3x WOH World Champion, via email, and while she’s out with post-concussion syndrome. Ring of Honor has been in the news for months now, but sadly that news keeps getting worse and worse.

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