Nick Gage vs. Rickey Shane Page Feud Takes a Twist

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One of the best stories in pro wrestling has been the dark storyline revolving around the Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) World Heavyweight title. While champion Nick Gage is closing in on 700-days as the World Champion, this past September he lost the physical belt itself when Rickey Shane Page crashed the final of the Nick Gage Invitational Tournament, attacked Gage, and stole his title belt. RSP has taken the title around the world with him, defending “his” new World title, all the while taunting Gage for his inability to be a true World Champion (Gage’s legal issues prevents him from leaving the country). The feud intensified when Gage and RSP were both booked for a Horror Slam show in Detroit last month and the two crossed paths. But RSP managed to escape once again with the title belt.

The story continued at the end of October at GCW’s Jimmy Lloyd’s Halloween Fright Festwhen US indie star Atticus Cogar – a disciple of RSP – made his GCW debut, declaring his allegiance to Page and taunting the real GSW champion. At the end of the event, after Gage defended against indie veteran Ruckus, RSP attacked Gage once again, this time with the help of Cogar.

On Thursday night, GCW released some unreleased footage of what happened after the Halloween Fright Fest, as RSP and Cogar left the venue in a car, only to be chased down by Gage and his GCW loyalists. After stopping the car, Page managed to escape once again, but the Page Camp didn’t get away unscathed – Nick Gage ended up kidnapping Atticus Cogar as payback.

Following the Halloween event, RSP headed back to Japan to continue working with Big Japan Wrestling (BJW). When the theft first happened this past September, Gage put a worldwide hit on RSP to all of his “gang affiliated” wrestlers and fans, and this week one of those wrestlers attempted to reclaim the gold for the King of American Hardcore. But that wrestler was Irish superstar and recent Ring of Honor signee Martina “The Session Moth”. Sadly to say, RSP knew her weakness (SPOILER: it’s cans of beer) and once again, got away with Gage’s title belt.

Let’s just say, Gage was not impressed.

With Gage set to defend his championship this Friday in Los Angeles against Jake Atlas, one has to wonder if this story will continue to play out – could Page return from Japan to the West Coast? Will Gage drag Cogar to California to make a public example for RSP? This story is just beginning, and it’s sure to culminate in one of the biggest – and bloodiest – grudge matches of the decade.

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