Power Struggle News: Chris Jericho & Hiromu Takahashi Return

Power struggle

NJPW’s Power Struggle event proved to be newsworthy as always as two NJPW stars made their returns at the event.  First, we saw Chris Jericho appear by video and then the much-anticipated return Hiromu Takahashi after over a year on the shelf with a neck injury.

Chris Jericho Challenges Hiroshi Tanahashi

AEW World Champion Chris Jericho has made a habit of popping into NJPW to challenge some of the company’s top names.  The painmaker has previously come in to take on Kenny OmegaKazuchika Okada and Tetsuya Naito.  Now he has set his sights on one of the biggest names in NJPW as the Painmaker made the challenge to Hiroshi Tanahashi for a match on January 5th at the Tokyo Dome.  On a normal night, a legend like Chris Jericho showing up on NJPW is big news.  On this night though the painmaker was overshadowed by the return of one of NJPW’s most popular performers.

The Time Bomb Hiromu Takahashi Returns

A throwback to when he debuted Hiromu Takahashi makes his return at Power Struggle after BUSHI comes up short in a junior title match.  Will Ospreay was in the middle of bragging about everyone that he has beaten as Junior Heavyweight Champion when he was interrupted by a ticking time bomb set to explode on January 4th.  Takahashi made his way to the stage to a huge response before making his way to the ring and challenging Ospreay for the Junior Heavyweight championship.  It’s been over a year since we’ve seen Hiromu but he immediately reminded everyone of why he was so popular before his injury.  His charisma and crowd connection are unmatched.

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