Preview: Stardom – Stardom Best Of Goddess (11/4/19)

Best Of Goddess

Stardom runs through Korakuen Hall once again for Best Of Goddess as the Goddesses Of Stardom tag league continues.  As well as block matches we have both the Wonder Of Stardom and the World Of Stardom titles on the line as the top gaijin Bea Priestley defends against the icon of Stardom Mayu Iwatani and the Shining Star Arisa Hoshiki defends against Jamie Hayter.

Zoe Lucas vs Hina & Rina

Best Of Goddess

Likely to serve as a warm-up win for Lucas who has taken a few pins on this tour.  As always it’ll be interesting to see Rina and Hina’s development especially when in the ring with a gaijin.  Will most likely be an unspectacular opener and win for Lucas.

Tokyo Cyber Squad (Bobbi Tyler & Hana Kimura) vs Oedo Tai (Session Moth Martina & Natsu Sumire) vs STARS (Saki Kashima & Tam Nakano)

This is the “get everyone on the card” special.  As always there is faction supremacy on the line in a match like this but outside of that, there isn’t much else.  Should be a fun and fast-paced matchup that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

Blue Goddess Block: Oedo Tai (Kagetsu & Andras Miyagi) vs Saya Iida & Saya Kamitani

Both teams are in need of a win here as Kagetsu and Miyagi have 2 points in their block.  SayaSaya predictably have none but have been an entertaining addition to the tournament.  This will probably be a win for Kagetsu and Miyagi but it’s also likely to be a show-stealer

Red Goddess Block: Tokyo Cyber Squad (Jungle Kyona & Konami) vs Oedo Tai (Hazuki & Natsuko Tora)

Best Of Goddess

The current tag team champions take on the team rooted to the bottom of the red block.  Likely to be a win for KyoNami to keep them in the running to win the block but a Hazuki upset wouldn’t be out of the question either.

Red Goddess Block: Riho & Starlight Kid vs Queen’s Quest (Momo Watanabe & AZM)

Best Of Goddess

Another potential show-stealer as two of the top teams in the block face off.  This match screams draw as Riho and Momo are among the most protected performers on the roster and both AZM and Starlight Kid are above taking constant losses.  This one should feature some fantastic high speed interactions between AZM and Riho.

Wonder Of Stardom Championship: Arisa Hoshiki (C) vs Jamie Hayter

It’s been clear since her return that Stardom were high on Jamie Hayter.  She finished second in her block in the GP, is part of the dominant team in tag league and has recently debuted on AEW.  All signs point to her getting the win here but that is dependent on how long she is able to stay in Stardom, she’s not announced for shows in January FWIW.  If Hoshiki does come away with a win it will be another feather in her cap to add to her wins over Watanabe and Kagetsu in her title reign.

World Of Stardom Championship: Bea Priestley (C) vs Mayu Iwatani

Best Of Goddess

This might be the best time for Stardom to do a title switch.  Mayu Iwatani is the wrestler most casual people associate with Stardom and with Bushiroad acquiring Stardom it would make sense to put their world title on their most notable star, and one of the best workers in the company.  Priestley’s reign so far has seen her knock off some of the top names in Stardom and knocking her off would be a big win for Mayu.

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