#AndNEW: Sami Callihan Becomes IMPACT Wrestling World Champion

Sami Callihan

With just a little over a week after IMPACT Wrestlings biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory, The Draw – Sami Callihan defeated Brian Cage to become the new IMPACT Wrestling World Champion on a new episode of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS T.V. as the show officially kicked off a new series of shows this week. In what was a brutal steel cage match, Sami was only able to get this match through sadistic ways. 

Last week on “This Is IMPACT”, Cage was a guest at the AXS T.V. studios interviewing with Josh Mathews and Scott D’Amore to talk about his recent win over Callihan at Bound For Glory. Cages moment was short-lived as Callihan barged into the studios and challenged Cage to a rematch for the title, or else. Cage not knowing what Sami was referring to, was shown a video of the other OVE members outside of Cage’s house. Sami threatened that the group would cause harm to Cage’s family, specifically, Cage’s baby. 

Cage would immediately grab Sami by the neck and threatened to end him if Sami authorized OVE to terrorize the household. Cage reluctantly gave Sami the match, and all but the title was sealed and delivered to the Death Machine. Fast forward to IMPACT Wrestling and the match started off hot as Cage was livid and was out for blood. Accept, it was his blood that shed throughout the match, however.

During the match, Sami would knock Cage into the Cage that would bust Cage’s head open. Cage, being the machine, however, would continue to fight. That was until the finish of the match which saw Callihan having to work on Cage’s head, neck and spine by finishing him off with a series of pile drivers and ultimately leading to a pile driver from the second rope. 

All was said and done and Callihan became the new IMPACT Wrestling World Champion. But Sami could only admire his title for a minute until the Undeniable entrance theme hit, leading to Tessa Blanchard coming to the ring and confronting Callihan and looking at the newly won title of his. It looks like Sami and Tessa have another meeting down the line. But will that be for the title?

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