Preview: ROH – ROH Unauthorized (11/3/19)

ROH Unauthorized

On Sunday, November 3rd, 2019, ROH brings to us it’s a most unpredictable, odd, and unusual show of the year in a show so crazy, it’s “Unauthorized“. The concept of the show is that anything can happen on the show and anyone could show up. What will happen when the show that comes from the mind of Colt Cabana erupts with all sorts of madness? Here’s a look at the card.

RUSH & Dragon Lee vs. Tracy Williams & Mark Haskins

ROH Unauthorized

Dinastia Munoz unites on this night when RUSH and Dragon Lee battle Lifeblood’s “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams & Mark Haskins in the main event. RUSH just got off a hard victory from Jeff Cobb at the Honor United tour while Dragon Lee has been traveling the world as a free agent and recently working with THE CRASH and MLW while Lifeblood had a recent victory against The Brat Pack (Mitch Waterman & Nick Bury) at Honor United. What will happen when both teams meet for the first time?

PCO vs. Dan Maff

Over 500 pounds of mass between these two mastodons of the ring as PCO will battle the returning Dan Maff in what will easily be a hoss war. PCO is currently the number one contender for the ROH World Title and will battle RUSH for the title at Final Battle, and Dan Maff, who has not been in an ROH ring since 2005 is still dominating the independent wrestling scene, and working all over the indy circuit until this day. Both these men have 52 years of experience between the two and have seen many roads throughout their careers, but what will happen when their journey leads to the same destination at ROH Unauthorized? Who will be the monster that makes it out of this war?

Mark Briscoe vs. Josh Woods – Partner Kicks Out – Take A shot

ROH Unauthorized

In what looks to be an entertaining match, Mark Briscoe will take on Josh Woods. But what will make this match entertaining, won’t be so much what will happen in the ring, but, more of what will happen at the commentary table. Colt Cabana made it known that Jay Briscoe and Silas Young would have to take a shot for every kick out their partner gets in a pinfall attempt during this match. How many shots will each man be responsible for by the time this match is all said and done?

El Jefe Cobbo & El Lethal vs. Delirious & Mini Delirious

Two new names to the ROH world come to the promotion as El Jefe Cobbo (Wink wink) and El Lethal (Wink Wink) go toe-to-toe with Delirious and his mini-me, Mini Delirious. While we don’t know much about Cobbo and Lethal, we do know Delirious. Could Delirious and his partner overcome this new team of Cobbo and Lethal? or will Cobbo and Lethal make their debut a winning one?

Cheeseburger, Double & Triple vs. Dalton Castle, Kenny King & Flip Gordon

ROH Unauthorized

In what’s being dubbed as Colt Cabanas Punderful Six-Man Tag match, Cheeseburger, along with Double and Triple Cheeseburger (The Bouncers) take on the unusual team of Dalton Castle, Kenny King, and Flip Gordon. A team where none of these individuals get along. But what will happen when the chain wrestlers meet the massive team of the burgers?

No DQ – Sumie Sakai & Jenny Rose vs. The Allure (Mandy Leon & Angelina Love)

Sumie Sakai is back in action as she teams with Jenny Rose to take on The Allure members Mandy Leon and Angelina Love. Mandy Leon went through the Honor United tour with one win and one loss but comes to this match with the win after defeating Molly Spartan, while Angelina Love comes out with a recent victory in a three-way match against Sumie Sakai and Jenny Rose. It would seem The Allure has the advantage in this upcoming match, but could we see their opponents with a win out of nowhere?  Or might we see the newly re-signed Maria Manic at ROH Unauthorized

Shane Taylor & Surprise Partner vs. Villain Enterprises (Brody King & Marty Scurll)

ROH Unauthorized

Ever since Shane Taylor established Shane Taylor promotions, the star has been on an even bigger roll in ROH defeating everyone in sight. Taylor goes into Unauthorized with a win over five opponents in three days during the Honor United tour as he defeated Joe Hendry in night one, then Danny Jones, then Mark Haskins, Matt Taven, and Tracy Williams in a four-way match on night three. On this night, however, Taylor has a partner who has yet to be announced against Villain Enterprise members Brody King and Marty Scurll. This could be Taylors toughest test to date since he usually wins on his own and has to rely on a partner for this match Villain Enterprises also came off victorious during the Honor United Tour for all three nights. Who will come out on top and who will wind up being Taylor’s partner?

Jonathan Gresham vs. Ultimo Guerrero

The Octopus – Jonathan Gresham has gone under a tremendous change over the past few months and is seemingly all-in on his mischievous ways as he showed more of his new side this past weekend when he attacked PCO and the Briscoes during the Honor United tour. If that wasn’t enough, Jay Lethal now is in full support of Gresham coming out of the tour. But Gresham has his hands full at Unauthorized as he has to face the CMLL World Heavyweight Champion, Ultimo Guerrero, as ROH continues its strong partnership with CMLL. Guerrero not only holds the world heavyweight title but also holds a world trios title for the oldest promotion in the world. Guerrero has close to 3000 matches with some of those matches in ROH and comes with over twenty years of experience in the squared circle. What will happen when these two face each other for the first time in their careers, however? Will Gresham try having a match worthy of honor? or will he continue his evil ways? Or will Ultimo Guerrero continue his winning ways and overcome the Octopus? And what about Jay Lethal? Will he be lurking behind the scenes making sure Gresham has everything under control during his match?

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