Beyond Wrestling – Uncharted Territory Recap (10/24/19)

Uncharted Territory is moving along at full steam. The show is paced faster than any other wrestling show one match leading perfectly into another and wasting no time throughout the show. Beyond Wrestling is putting on the most bang for your buck weekly wrestling. Every week they are showing they have one of the deepest rosters along with access to some of the most interesting matchups in all of wrestling. You can watch Uncharted Territory live every Thursday at 8pm EST on or catch up on the entire first and second seasons on-demand.

Kris Statlander vs VSK W/Mark Sterling

Uncharted Territory

Beyond picked up right where it left off last week with an absolutely awesome intergender match. Kris Statlander has been feuding with Mark Sterling and friends ever since he helped distract the ref so Alex Reynolds could use a fireball at All Hands on Deck. This was back and forth between two extremely athletic wrestlers.  These two would have the longest match of the night. Statlander was able to work past the interference by Mark Sterling and pick up the win. Both of these two gave each other some of their absolute best moves and kept kicking out. Statlander finally ended it with a Big Bang Theory. Kris Statlander has really put together a solid body of work as one of the most interesting wrestlers of the year.

Just as Statlander was getting up from her win she was attacked by Mark Sterling and Alex Reynolds. The two stomped on Kris and Chris Dickinson hit the ring to take on all three of Mark Sterling and friends. His matches with Alex Reynolds quickly started. 

Chris Dickinson vs Alex Reynolds with Mark Sterling 

Alex Reynolds and Mark Sterling used every single dirty tactic they could to try and get one over. But the Dirty Daddy doesn’t go down like that. Dickinson overpowered Alex Reynolds and was able to pick up the win. Keeping up his never having lost a singles match in Uncharted Territory history. He then grabbed the mic and introduced the next match. 

John Silver vs Pinkie Sanchez 

Uncharted Territory

This was Pinkie Sanchez’s first solo match on Uncharted Territory. He and Chris Dickinson have been undefeated on Uncharted Territory Season two, but they decided to have solo matches this week. Sanchez was facing the newly inspired John Silver who, after a long losing streak, got a pep talking from Eddie Kingston. Since then Silver has beaten Erick Stevens and was looking to keep the win streak going. Sanchez took a ton of abuse. Some hard kicks from Silver really tore at the chest of Sanchez. Pinkie also had some cool looking unorthodox offense but just wasn’t able to put the new John Silver away. 

Jay Freddie vs Brandon Thurston 

These two have been feuding across both seasons of Uncharted Territory. Their match early into the first season grabbed a lot of attention, Jay Freddie picked up the win setting the series at 1-0. At the season finale, they had a rematch with Brandon Thurston picking up in the win making it 1-1. At the first episode of season two, they met for the third time and in the middle of a technical match Brandon Thurston hit a low blow on Freddie behind the back of the ref and picked up the win. Thurston was now up 2-1. Last week Thurston beat Puf who was trying to win so Thurston would be forced to face Jay Freddie but Puf came up short. Thurston, while sitting on top of Puf called out Jay Freddie. So the two would face off for the 4th time on Uncharted Territory

The match ended in less time than it took you to read that, as Thurston kicked Jay Freddie in the balls and Jay Freddie picked up the win by disqualification. This doesn’t look like it will be the end of this feud at all. 

Discovery Gauntlet Match: Tony Deppen vs Joshua Bishop 

Uncharted Territory

Tony Deppen defending his spot in the Discovery Gauntlet weekly has been one of the highlights of Uncharted Territory season two. Tony Deppen has taken on some of the best talents from all over the Midwest and the South and still come up on top every single time. Deppen is now 4-0 in the Discovery Gauntlet picking up a big win over the much larger Joshua Bishop. However, the last four of Tony Deppen’s opponents have been announced so far next week Deppen will be going into the match blind. 

No DQ – Josh Briggs vs Matthew Justice

Josh Briggs has been taking on some of the best and tallest talents from all around the country. Much like Chris Dickinson’s season one run, Briggs has taken on Thomas Sharp, Lance Archer, beaten MJF on his way out of the indies and now Matthew Justice. Matthew Justice is an AIW regular and has also been appearing in GCW lately. Last season of Uncharted Territory he took on Chris Dickinson and lost.  These two went all out getting chairs involved in a more hardcore style that Matthew Justice is known for. Josh Briggs looks like he might have an impressive run this season and it should be interesting to watch as the season progresses. 

Team Tremendous (Bill Carr & Dan Barry) vs Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake) vs Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) vs The Butcher and the Blade (Pepper Parks & Andy Williams)

Uncharted Territory

 All four of these teams are Beyond regulars. This gives Beyond a good argument for one of the best tag team division in wrestling. These four teams have been having singles matches with each other across both seasons of Uncharted Territory and Beyond’s other shows. Team Tremendous took beat Bear Country at All Hands on Deck and The Butcher and the Blade at Sodom and Gomorrah. Bear Country beat Violence is Forever during season one of Uncharted Territory. Someone had the insane idea to get all four teams in the same match. The match had lucha rules so tags were lost and the match was mostly chaos. There were some huge big man moves and unlike when the Closers faced Bear Country the ring stayed together. Bear Country looked like they were going to get the win after hitting the Elevator Drop but Dan Barry ripped them out of the win and Team Tremendous ended up getting the win. 

Team Tremendous has been on quite the run as of late in Beyond. They are certainly making a name for themselves as the new Ace’s of Beyond’s tag team division a title which Bear Country currently holds. 

Nick Gage vs Maria Manic  

After the cards Beyond puts on, it seems like a tough act to main event and try to top everything else that happens. Every single main event for season two has done just that not just been the best match of the night but easily the best matches of the year. Kris Statlander vs Nick Gage was an interesting style clash between to of the hottest wrestling in 2019. Tim Thatcher vs Eddie Kingston was an indie dream match between two competitors who had always wanted to wrestle with each other. David Starr vs Mercedes Martinez was another indie dream match and one of the best matches of the year hands down.

Maria Manic vs Nick Gage will only happen once and it took place on Beyond’s Uncharted Territory. Another independent dream match between two of the best deathmatch wrestlers of their gender. No one was quite sure where Maria Manic wound end up but her contract with Ring of Honor ended (although she’s since re-signed with ROH) and she took this match with Nick Gage probably because she really wanted it. This match was insane. Doors were placed in the corners before the match even started. Gage smashed Maria through a door and then used a chunk of it to cut her open with, then grabbed a cheese grater and shaved away her skin with it. Maria Manic was bleeding not even five minutes into the match. Gage ended up getting the win and if deathmatches are your thing add this one to your list. 

Beyond is getting ready for their now annual Halloween show next week and dispite some lineup changes, it is still looking to be a fun one with Team Tremendous taking on The Bird and The Bee and Gaytanic Panic (EFFYDanhausen) taking on Team Pazuzu.

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