AEW Dynamite Highlights – PAC and Moxley Go The Distance (10/23/19)

AEW Dynamite has some stiff competition in their counterpart as NXT pulled off the swerve of the week but All Elite Wrestling did just fine at putting on one beautifully entertaining show that involved the second round contests of the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament. Without further ado, here are the highlights.

AEW Dynamite Highlights – (10/23/19)

SCU Shocks The Dark Order

AEW Dynamite

Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky of SCU wanted to do everything in their power to make a stand for Christopher Daniels who was taken out last week by the Lucha Bros. The only chance to do that? Move past The Dark Order to take on the men who took him out of action. And despite being the underdog by far, that is exactly what they accomplished. Possibly the biggest take away from this, besides it being a fantastic match, was that it may be The Dark Order’s best to date. This tournament has been the making of Scorpio Sky as an absolute superstar. They managed to shock and pick up the victory via Gory Special into a Kazarian knee as the finals will take place next week with them taking on their rivals of the Lucha Bros.

Cody’s Circle Stands Up To The Inner Circle

Cody was out to make an announcement but never managed to get to the actual announcement with The Inner Circle of Chris Jericho being up in the luxury box seats and continuously being a disturbance. So Cody, the fan-favorite he is, made it clear that he will go up there and have no problem beating Jericho and all his buddies up. Jericho acknowledged that he had no one to help but of course, the Nightmare Family made their way out to help rather than The Elite. First Dustin Rhodes, then MJF, and finally a surprise of Diamond Dallas Page. They went up to the box and fought through the concessions of the arena before the Nightmare Family would be escorted out of the building. This feud is only getting hotter every week.

Orange Cassidy Sighting And Match Accepted!

The one and only Orange Cassidy was out to support The Best Friends. He just happened to disrupt The Young Bucks and their pose which led to the hardest kicks you will ever see by Cassidy. Of course, this led to stereo superkicks by the Bucks but it is always a good time seeing Cassidy. He would help The Best Friends as much as he could but The Young Bucks remain the best tag team in wrestling and More Bang For You Buck was enough to get them back on track.

Following their match, they’d officially accept Santana and Ortiz‘s challenge for a match at Full Gear that was issued last week on AEW Dynamite.

PAC vs Jon Moxley Ends In A Draw

Following their mishap last week in their tag team match, PAC wasted zero time in going on the offense. He would attack Jon Moxley during his entrance with a chair to the back of his head and choking him with his own jacket. “The Bastard” has been all edge since showing up with one goal in mind, which is winning. Moxley ruined his perfect record so it was time for him to pay. Eventually, PAC allowed Mox to get in the ring to compete. The match was almost all PAC, as he continuously brought it to Mox who had a tough time ever really bouncing back following the attack. The turnaround would be the bulldog hit by Mox to PAC on the apron, leaving his neck weakened and him at a disadvantage for the first time.

Two of AEW’s top contenders tried to find a win time after time but both elite performers would not budge. It was a battle of the best as television time continued to tick and it became a rapid race to the finish. PAC would hit an avalanche Falcon Arrow with just under three minutes to go but would only get a two count. PAC would then hit an unbelievable 450 Splash from the apron to the floor on Mox. He would slide Mox into the ring as the clock continued to tick and attempted the Black Arrow but would miss. This allowed Moxley to get a pin attempt but “The Bastard” would survive. A Paradigm Shift would be hit but PAC would kick out seconds before TV time eventually expired. Giving these two a draw, leaving this budding rivalry unfinished. Moxley snapped, hitting the referee with a Paradigm Shift before the show had to go off the air. A great finish between some of AEW’s best.

Dynamite of the Night: Lucha Bros vs Private Party

AEW Dynamite

We may have very well seen the best match of the tournament to this point, with the counter either being the other second-round match earlier in the night or Private Party‘s first-round upset of The Young Bucks. Either way, the Lucha Bros and Private Party but on one absolutely stellar match. Fenix and Pentagon Jr. were the veterans of the match but that never would scare Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy. Both teams came out hot live in Pittsburgh with jaw-dropping performances.

Fenix continues to be one of the best wrestlers in the world and can simply do things no one else can. The masked star hit a picture-perfect moonsault to the outside on Kassidy, which would eventually help lead to the victory. Much like last week, the Lucha Bros won their match with an assisted package piledriver to Marq Quen, followed by a dynamic tope suicida by Fenix to wipe any hope of Kassidy breaking up the pin. However, the amount of times Private Party almost found a way is what makes them such a great team and possibly the most underrated signing of them all by AEW. The Lucha Bros will take on SCU in the finals next week.

There isn’t much more to say except that Dynamite remains some of the best two hours of professional wrestling every single week. The finals of the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament take place next week on Dynamite as the inaugural champion is crowned.

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