The NWA Powerrr Recap (10/22/19)

NWA Powerrr

On the third installment of NWA Powerrr the show had an excellent balance of in-ring action, great promos, and questions that have yet to be answered as referenced on the NWA twitter account with a mere three-word question, “Will she speak?”, she being Kamilla Kaine, the insurance policy of Nick Aldis.

Joe Galli Announcement

We start the show with one of the voices of NWA, Joe Galli, explaining to us that his job in NWA is to ask the tough questions, however, producers at NWA Powerrr informed Joe the last two interviews with Kamille and Aldis were confrontational will only interview Aldis only about the Ten Pounds Of Gold on this episode. We then go into the fire with the NWA Powerrr opening.

Eddie Kingston sends a message to the Dawsons

As we’re introduced to the show by Joe Galli and Jim Cornette, Eddie Kingston calls out The Dawsons for the events that took place last week when The Dawsons interfered in Kingston and Homicides match. Kingston says that everyone was lucky that he and Homicide didn’t get them in the parking lot. Kingston then takes a good look at the camera and tells the Dawson that he and homicide have nothing to live for other than pro wrestling, tells them to guess what he and Homicide are going to do to them if they don’t care about themselves?

Marti Belle vs. Crystal Rose

After Kingston’s challenge, we’re taken to the ring for our first match of the evening in Marti Belle against Crystal Rose in what was a very competitive match that went back and forth between the two women, but only one would come out on top and that was Marti Belle with what looked to be a variation of the pedigree.

The Dawsons respond to Eddie Kingston and Homicide

David Marquez is out to interview The Dawsons to find out why they attacked Kingston and Homicide. The only answer really out of this response was that things happen for a reason, however, they would happily wrestle anyone in the NWA locker room, except Kingston and Homicide.

Aron Stevens presents Tropical Pirates

After a commercial break, Aron Stevens comes out all dressed up as a pirate and reminds everyone that the no eye contact rule is still in effect as even Joe Galli has to cover his eyes when speaking to Stevens. He then tells us why he is out and wants to promote his newest movie “Tropical Pirates” coming out in the Summer of 2020, which looks to be a blockbuster of a movie.

Caleb Konley vs. Dan Parker

In a ten-minute time limit match, Caleb Konley faces Dan Parker which begins with some trash talking by Parker to Konley which results in Konley pushing Parker, and the two get their hands on each other. Konley wins the match after a black hand that dazes Parker, Konley then sets Parker up for his finisher, the springboard moonsault resulting in the win for Konley.

Tim Storm Interview

Joe Galli interviews Tim Storm and talks about the recent match between Storm and Aldis which took place on the first episode of NWA Powerrr. Storm talks about how Aldis is a great champ but that he was getting ready to evaluate his career. However, Storm was then interrupted by Eli Drake who gives Storm words of encouragement and asks him to be his tag team partner against The Dawsons in the main event tonight with the simple gold of getting the tag team titles. Tim says he would think about it and let Drake know.

Invisible Hair Cream?

We are then taken to a trippy commercial for Invisible Hair Cream sold by The Spiritual Advisor. A cream that has a tag price of $59.99 per week. It’s not bald, it’s invisible. If you order in the next thirty minutes they’ll throw in a free tub of invisible voice cream. The offer of a lifetime!!

Jocephus wants to apologize?

We’re brought back to the show where Jocephus comes out to apologize to James Storm after the altercation they had a couple of weeks back. Jocephus with a bag and all is ready to apologize, but here comes Colt Cabana to try and have a little fun with Jocephus. Jocephus tells Colt that he loves him and wants to give Cabana a surprise. A handful of powder right to Cabanas’s eyes. Jocephus gets a superkick for his efforts after James Storm comes to the ring with a receipt for Jocephus. While Storm wasn’t done and aimed at giving Cabana a superkick as well, Mr. Anderson comes in for the save and grabs Cabana by the legs to get him out of the ring.

Nick Aldis Interview with Joe Galli

Nick Aldis is out with Kamille and discusses the chase for the gold by all the competitors of NWA. Aldis then issues a challenge to anyone outside of the promotion. Joe then asks Aldis about Kamille again and what her motivation is in supporting Aldis as his insurance policy. Kamille stays quiet and doesn’t answer. Aldis tells Galli that she doesn’t say anything because she doesn’t feel like it and when she feels like talking, Galli will know the answer.

Question The Mark?

After Aldis’ promo, we’re then taken to an odd commercial that looks like it’s taking place from outer space or something. Stuff about mother earth and father sky is talked about, leaving us to wonder “what am I watching here?”

The Dawsons vs. Eli Drake and Tim Storm

After the unusual commercial break, it’s main event time and Eli Drake comes out, waiting for Tim Storm and unsure if Storm would join him. Storm then comes out from the back wearing his wrestling gear and coming to a great reception to the fans who can see that Storm did take Drake on his offer and will team up with Drake. The match takes place in what was a very intense and impactful match.

It seemed throughout the match that Drake and Storm were struggling to keep up with The Dawsons, probably due to them not tagging before, unlike The Dawsons who have teamed together many times before. The end of the match would see some momentum for Drake and Storm until a mistake was made by the team which left an opening for The Dawsons to capitalize on Tim Storm. The Dawsons would hit their finisher on Storm and win the match.

But The Dawsons were far from done as they would continue to beat on Storm after winning the match, but they would soon be chased out of the ring from Eddie Kingston and Homicide who came in for the save. The four men would leave the ring and out came Nick Aldis to check on Tim Storm. Eli Drake after taking a brutal bump during the match would finally get up and check on Storm alongside Aldis. The show concludes from there with the end credits. We’ll see you next week for more NWA Powerrr.

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