#AndNEW: Kenny Omega & DAGA Win Gold At AAA Heroes Inmortales

AAA Heroes Inmortales

At AAA Heroes Inmortales Kenny Omega and Daga walked out as new champions.  Here are the details of both changes.

Kenny Omega Wins AAA Mega Championship

AAA Heroes Inmortales
Photo: AEW

A dream match to say the least when the Best Bout Machine was in action last night from South Of The Border as Kenny Omega faced Fenix for the AAA Mega Championship. This match came about when Omega challenged Fenix for his title back at Triplemania after The Elite were defeated by the team of the Lucha Bros. and Laredo Kid. After the match, Kenny Omega put out the challenge to Fenix, telling him that he wanted Fenix’s belt.

The match went back and forth, however, it seemed that Omega had Fenix’s number. The deciding factor came when Omega gave Fenix a BRUTAL V-Trigger that nearly exploded the nose of Fenix as blood flowed out of his nose and mask. The imagery was one that signified that a defeat was soon to come. Towards the end of the match, Omega countered a super hurricarana from the top rope with a super sit down powerbomb. Omega would soon after follow up with what may very well be the most impactful finisher in the entire business, The One-Winged Angel.

One, two, three, a NEW AAA Mega Champion was crowned as Omega became the 18th AAA Mega Champion in the companies history following champions such as El Mesias, Jeff Jarrett, Johnny Mundo, Dr. Wagner Jr., Cibernetico, and Fenix to name a few. This is the second major title Kenny Omega has held this year as he began the year as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, and now is AAA Lucha Libre’s most important champion as the AAA Mega Champion.

What is next for Omega, however?, Earlier in the evening, El Hijo Del Vikingo won the prestigious Antonio Pena Cup by defeating Taurus in the match. Could Vikingo be next in line against Kenny Omega? If so, this could easily be considered a match of the year candidate as the two have certainly put some of the best matches seen all year and prior to. Omegas resume for one-on-one matches easily puts him as one of the best all-around workers in the business, and for Vikingo just 5 years into the business at only 22 years of age, he has certainly wowed the Mexican audience with some of the most innovative moves anyone has ever seen in the business. We’ll see what’s to come for Omega as the current champ.

Daga Wins AAA Latin American Championship

Photo: Daga_wrestler

Daga, who returned to AAA back in March of this year had a mission to collect all the titles and last night he delivered on his promise as he defeated the 321-day former champ, Drago, the man from “El Inframundo” (the underworld). In what was a 14-minute match of solid action, Daga took the gist of the beating from the former champion.

Drago was supported by Ladi Shani to the ring while Daga was supported by Abismo Negro Jr. which affected the end of the match. The finish of the match saw Abismo pass along a mist of Daga’s own to use against Drago with the ref not noticing as Negro Jr. passed it along to Daga under a towel while making the ref believe Abismo was on the apron to help Daga cool off.

Ladi Shani noticed and also got on the ring apron after Daga spewed his very own mist to Drago, after a rollup from Daga to Drago and the ref counting slowly (as per usual), Daga turned his back to Drago, blaming the ref, which allowed for Drago to get his mist from Ladi Shani and use it. However, Negro Jr. came in to attack Drago but was mystified by the Dragon like-man, this led a fatal opening that would lead to Daga to low blow Drago and go for the win to become the 10th AAA Latin American Champion in the companies history, following a title holders such as El Hijo Del Fantasma, Johnny Mundo, Pentagon Jr., Chessman, Psycho Clown, and Drago to name a few.

Daga’s not done with his busy weekend as he wrestled on 10/18 at PCW ULTRA against Jake Atlas, and last night at AAA Heroes Inmortales against Drago, and traveled to Chicago for IMPACT Wrestling: Bound For Glory as he has recently signed with the promotion as mentioned by the commentary team this past Friday on the latest episode of IMPACT Wrestling.

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