Preview: PCW ULTRA Into the Void (10/18/19)

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On Friday, October 18th, PCW ULTRA returns to the ILWU Memorial Hall in Wilmington, California for their Into the Void event. After not having an event since August, PCW ULTRA returns with a show that involves grudge matches, I Quit Matches, Dog Collar Matches, championship matches, and tag team matches.

This night will prove to be one where everyone involved has something to prove or a score to settle. Who on this night is likely to walk away with the most to gain and who will have to rethink what takes place in hopes of something that could have been? Here we present PCW ULTRA’s Into the Void.

Hoss Fight: Alex Hammerstone vs. Schaff

Into The Void

These two do not like each other. In fact, their history with each other is long and traveled. Their rivalry with one another began online months ago and it doesn’t appear to have ended. While Schaff carries the distinction of being the DEFY Wrestling champion and Hammerstone is the National Openweight champion but men come into this match with championship credentials.

This time, however, no titles are on the line except for one. The distinction of having possession of the other man’s pride. For those watching they are assured that this will be an absolute battle. These two will come at each other hard and often striking with great fury. Even if there is a winner, after the match is over it will hard to actually call them that.

Lucha Bros vs The Natural Classics

A fun battle as PCW ULTRA fans who are familiar with the Lucha Bros will have an opportunity to see the Austrian duo The Natural Classics. For fans of the promotion, Penta El Zero M and Fenix have long competed for the company. The duo is now a part of All Elite Wrestling and in the midst of their tag team division but Tome and Stevie Filip are bringing all the thunder they can from Melbourne City Wrestling down to PCW ULTRA.

The duo are coming off from facing Will Ospreay and Kyle Fletcher to determine the number one contenders for the MCW Tag Team Championship. However, this is PCW ULTRA and not Melbourne City Wrestling. How will these brothers face against another set of noted brothers? It is sure to be an all-out high-flying affair at Into the Void!

I Quit Match: Fatu vs Eddie Kingston

Into The Void

As they say batten down the hatches this one is going to be a doozy. The I Quit match between Fatu and Kingston is more likely to have someone pass out from the loss of blood in the match then saying the words at Into the Void. Kingston is long known for his ability to pull the most out of anyone and in this case he will be pulling from the MLW Heavyweight champion.

Fatu has quickly emerged as a man to watch in not only Major League Wrestling but along the Pacific West Coast. For Kingston, his experience in the business and whom he has had anything goes matches that often go into them with nothing to lose. In the case of Fatu, he is young, hungry and has a family lineage that will speak for itself as he steps in the ring with the ultraviolent Eddie Kingston.

Dog Collar Match: Homicide vs Josef Samuel

Much like the, I Quit Match mentioned above, this involves the two other remaining members of their respective tag teams go at it at Into the Void. Homicide of Outlawz Inc and Josef Samuel of Warbeast are set to face each other in a match that is likely as brutal if not more so than that of their tag team partners singles match. The Dog Collar match has had a longstanding history in wrestling.

Whether it was during the brutal and classic battle between Rowdy Roddy Piper and Ric Flair or this event scheduled battle between Homicide and Samuel the punishment will be likely excruciating anguish. Both men were are likely to have the Dog Collar used as a strap on both men. Also, the dog collar is likely going to be a think strap that is intended for larger and energetic animals. This is another case where the winner may, in fact, be the loser.

Grudge Match: Brian Pillman Jr. vs Douglas James

Into The Void

Two young talents that are both hungry to make a difference. One is a second-generation talent and the other has a story that exceeds wrestling but doesn‘t define him. Both men are exceptionally hard-working and their paths to get them to where they are today is tremendous. This grudge match is based on the growing animosity they have had towards one another.

Whether it is them crossing paths in an MLW ring or now in PCW ULTRA both Pillman Jr and James are sure to take each other to the limit when it comes to this contest. In regards, to PCW ULTRA this match could, in fact, help to align the winner with a future Ultralight Championship match. Whether it is Atlas or Daga coming out of that contest the winner they could be facing down the barrel of either one of these men for the championship.

Ultralight Championship Match: Jake Atlas (C) vs Daga 

In what could be the show-stealer match up of the night, Atlas defends his title against another striker in the man from Estado de Mexico. A veteran of 11 years, Daga has held titles in Triple-A and Lucha Underground so he is no stranger to holding championships. For Atlas, he has become a staple for the PCW ULTRA fans. The former Santino Bros graduate will do continue to show just what he is capable of doing regardless of the challenge.

Both men are familiar with one another are of similar background with both having Latin roots. Will Daga be able to overcome the crowd that will clearly be behind Atlas and will Atlas overcome the pressure that has come with becoming the Ultralight champion? Daga is no stranger to PCW ULTRA and could be making Into the Void the night where he becomes the new Ultralight champion.

Ultra Championship Match: Mil Muertes (C) vs Savio Vega

Into The Void

This match says as much about the history of Latin wrestlers in the sport as it does about the present. Carving a name for himself to North American audiences in the then WWF, Savio Vega has returned to the southern California area to face a man that could easily be described with one-word PRESENCE. As the Ultra championship is on the line the question is about whom the one PCW ULTRA shall be will lean on to carry their title into the future.

At the moment, Muertes has been everything they have needed in their champion. However, he is facing someone with a long and established wrestling career that has faced success before today’s talent ever knew what being part of a major promotion would be. Could Vega at 55 years of age be the flagbearer for PCW ULTRA moving into the balance of 2019 after Into the Void?

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