AEW Dynamite Highlights – Darby Allin Becomes A Star (10/16/19)

AEW Dynamite

All Elite Wrestling may have put on the best Dynamite in its short reign as the show had must-see match after must-see match. From two AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament matches to two huge title bouts and a special tag, it was a show anyone would want to see. So without going on and on, here’s the AEW Dynamite highlights.

AEW Dynamite Highlights (10/16/19)

SCU Captures Victory Despite Setback

AEW Dynamite

To kick off the night was a first-round contest of the tag team tournament between SCU‘s Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian taking on The Best Friends, Trent and Chuck Taylor. However, before the match as SCU made their way down to the ring, the Lucha Bros were on the attack and laid out both men. Pentagon would hit a Package Piledriver on Christopher Daniels at the ramp to lay him out and put him out of action. Scorpio Sky had to step up to full in so that SCU could compete and the match was on. A back and forth contest with Frankie Kazarian being the one who was attacked most.

Sky and Kazarian continuously survived this one, kicking out of everything The Best Friends could offer. This would all be leading to the finish where Kazarian would get Trent up for the Powerbomb and Sky would hit a Dropkick as he got thrown down to score the victory. SCU advances forward to take on The Dark Order in the semifinals next week.

Full Gear Match Announcement

A challenge would be made via Chris Jericho for his Inner Circle stablemates. Santana and Ortiz will take on The Young Bucks at Full Gear.

Lucha Bros Send Jurassic Express Into Extinction

It was announced earlier in the day that Luchasaurus would be missing the tournament match on AEW Dynamite, leaving Jurassic Express member Marko Stunt to team with Jungle Boy against the Lucha Bros. Unshockingly and sadly, the Jurassic Express did not manage to capture the win as both Pentagon and Fenix did everything they could to take advantage of the much smaller Stunt. The match would be finished when an assisted Package Piledriver would put down Stunt once and for all. If there was anything to learn from this match besides the Lucha Bros being an incredible tag team, it was the fact that Jungle Boy is going to be a star. The Lucha Bros take on Private Party in the semifinals.

Hangman and Omega Win Tag Team Spectacle

When four main eventers head into action in a tag team match, sometimes it can be rather meh believe it or not. This occasion was nowhere close to that, however, as Hangman Page and Kenny Omega formed the formidable tag team against PAC and Jon Moxley. What a match it was, as Omega and Moxley tried to kill each other while Hangman and PAC attempted the same. What is so special about this match was how you could feel as a fan how important it was for all four men, at least for most of the match. It featured the Rise of the Terminator as Omega hit PAC on the outside. Moxley would follow with a tope suicida taking out both Omega and his partner. Then Hangman got to the top rope and hit a picture-perfect moonsault.

As the match got near its end, Moxley and Omega attempted to attack each other with a barbed wire broom and bat like we saw last week. PAC instantly was angered as he did not want to lose his undefeated streak and continue winning, but Mox, who beats to his own drum, flipped him off and planted him with a double-armed DDT. Omega and Hangman would pick up the win when Hangman would hit the DeadEye on PAC for the victory. PAC and Moxley will now go one-on-one next week in Pittsburgh.

Dynamite of the Night: Darby Allin becomes a star in defeat to “The Painmaker”

Chris Jericho would defend his AEW World Championship for the first-time against Darby Allin in a Philadelphia Street Fight. Allin earned the opportunity last week when he pinned Jimmy Havoc in a number one contender match. The insane Allin had two goals that combined for one; win the AEW World Championship and “humble” Chris Jericho. The brawling “Painmaker” side of Jericho came out that we have seen in the NJPW days of the champion, as he held nothing back in trying to beat Darby Allin. The 26-year-old pulled out all the stops to try and take Jericho’s championship but the veteran almost always had a counter.

“Le Champion” continued to use kendo sticks and chairs to attempt putting Allin out but the budding star did everything to survive. Jericho went to his wits end to tape Darby Allin’s hands together behind his back, making him defenseless. “Le Champion” through him around the ring and beat him down as Allin couldn’t protect himself until he did all in his power to show his creativeness. With his hands tied, Allin jumped through the middle rope hitting a flipping senton on Jericho. The crowd was on their feet watching Darby do all he could to try and win the biggest match of his career. Jericho hit a Tiger Bomb onto the skateboard of Allin but it would still not be enough.

Allin got Jericho down with a dropkick to the chair in his hand. Darby got to the top rope to go for the Coffin Drop but Jake Hager of his Inner Circle showed up to plant a punch on Darby, allowing a Walls of Jericho to be locked in and allowing him to retain. The Inner Circle were down to celebrate, but what should be celebrated is how much of a star Darby Allin already is and will become even more.

This may have been Dynamite’s best night to date.

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