Preview: PWA Black Label Presents – Colosseum (10/18-10/19)

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Over two huge nights this weekend Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) brings back its prestigious Colosseum tournament for the second time. This time around rather than focusing just on Australia’s top talents they are also welcoming some incredible international talents from WWE and All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

In last year’s inaugural tournament the final came down to two members of The Nations, Mick Moretti and Jack J Bonza with the former walking away with winners Black Metal sword.

This year the tournament will feature only one competitor from last year. That person being Ricky South, who only entered the inaugural tournament due to Kellyanne’s unfortunate absence. The list of competitors this year includes; Matty Wahlberg, Jessica Troy, Davis Storm, Ricky South, Chris Basso, Orange Cassidy, Sam Osborne, and Travis Banks. With so many new faces fighting for this year’s prize, Green Thunder, fans can expect yet another phenomenal series of matches.

As part of the Colosseum festivities PWA will also be playing host to a fan fest event on Saturday before night two action gets underway. As part of this event, fans will have the opportunity to meet Colosseum participants, view live podcast recordings, participate in a Super Smash Bros tournament with PWA roster members, participate in Kai Drake’s hotdog eating contest, play Beer Pong against The Babes and finally enjoy Steph De Lander’s Dingo Puppy adoption experience.

Let’s break down the action before the event though.

Night 1

Colosseum Opening Round Match: Orange Cassidy vs Jessica Troy

There is no arguing that 2019 has been a phenomenal year for ‘The Arm Collector’ Jessica Troy. Given that she has been racking up win after win, most notably snatching the PWWA Championship away from Shazza McKenzie recently. Whilst she has seemingly ripped the arms off every member of the PWA roster silly enough to set foot inside the ring with her this weekend she will face a rather unique challenge in the form of AEW’s Orange Cassidy.

The laid back Cassidy is known for firmly keeping his hands within his pockets. So Troy will either need to find a new means of victory or a way to pry Cassidy’s hands from within his pockets if she is to lock in her armor submission.

Predicted winner: Jessica Troy

But how's she going to get his arm when his hands are in his pockets?

*Warning: Uh… this is terrifyingJessica Troy practises for Orange Cassidy ahead of this Friday's main event…..The opening round of PWA Black Label Presents: Colosseum 2019 – Night 1 IS NEARLY HERE! We can't believe its finally this close!….🎟️Less than 4 seated tickets on the Friday, standing room only on the Saturday remain! Get yours NOW or you'll miss out!🎟️🎥 See full event LIVE on OR find OVO on your IOS/Android Appstore 🎥#PWAonOVO #PWABlackLabel #YoureGonnaNoticeUs #NowWeConquer #PWAColosseum

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Colosseum Opening Round Match: Ricky South vs Davis Storm


This matchup will pit two of the countries hardest hitters against each other in a battle of the generations.

On one side of the coin, we have the ‘Godfather’ Davis Storm. With 17 years of experience behind him, Storm will be looking to claw back some of the respect he feels his generation deserves for paving the way for the new generation of Australian talent.

Ricky South: Storm Warning

Ricky South hears the Storm warning…….The opening round of PWA Black Label Presents: Colosseum 2019 – Night 1 IS NEARLY HERE and we can hardly wait for this Australian wrestling dream match!….🎟️Less than 10 seated on the Friday, standing room only on the Saturday remain! Get yours NOW or you'll miss out!🎟️🎥 See full event LIVE on OR find OVO on your IOS/Android Appstore 🎥#PWAonOVO #PWABlackLabel #YoureGonnaNoticeUs #NowWeConquer #PWAColosseum

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Conversely, Ricky South enters into this battle with only 3 years of experience under his belt. In those 3 short years though South has proven to be one of the top prospects in all of Australian wrestling. Known for his flamboyant aggression South savors any opportunity to dish out pain, which he is certainly something he will have to do in order to keep Storm down.

Whoever walks out of this battle with their hand raised is undoubtedly going to heading into their semi-final matchup battered, bruised and worse for wear.

Predicted winner: Ricky South

Davis Storm speaks to Ricky South

Hear from Davis Storm ahead of his opening round match against Ricky South this Friday at PWA Black Label Presents: Colosseum 2019 – Night 1….🎟️Nearly all tickets are sold out! Get yours NOW or you'll miss out!🎟️🎥 See full event LIVE on OR find OVO on your IOS/Android Appstore 🎥#PWAonOVO #PWABlackLabel #YoureGonnaNoticeUs #NowWeConquer #PWAColosseum

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Colosseum Opening Round Match: Travis Banks vs Sam Osborne

In another of the special international attraction matches, PWA’s cocky young upstart Sam Osborne will be pitted against NXT UK competitor ‘The Kiwi Buzzsaw’ Travis Banks.

Having only arrived on the scene in PWA just this year Osborne has rapidly risen through the ranks, despite a spotty win/loss record. In his short PWA career Osborne may have only picked up one victory along the way but he has more than held his own against the likes of Robbie Eagles, Matty Wahlberg and The Velocities (Paris De Silva & Jude London). Given his poor record in PWA you may think Osborne would enter into his opening round matchup short on confidence, but that is simply not in his DNA. Osborne truly believes inside himself that he can topple one of WWE’s top competitors, simply for the fact that he has every opportunity to scout his opponent unlike Banks can.

For Travis Banks, this matchup in PWA is far from his first trip here, although it will be his first time inside the famed Max Watts. Just last year Banks came to PWA to take on the then PWA Heavyweight Champion Robbie Eagles and walked out victorious. So whilst he may not have a lot of footage to work of in terms of scouting Osborne he is no stranger to difficult opponents and will be looking to prove why he has been signed to NXT UK from its inception.

Predicted winner: Travis Banks

Sam Osborne's flight advice for Travis Banks

The Prize Bull, Sam Osborne has heated words for his Colosseum first round opponent at PWA Black Label Presents: Colosseum 2019 – Night 1, The Kiwi Buzzsaw, Travis Banks. With a lot to prove can Osborne get past his toughest opponent to advance?….🎟️ Get your tickets NOW, only 10 seated are left 🎟️….🎥: Live Stream on OVO OR find it on Itunes/Your Appstore 🎥#PWAonOVO #PWAColosseum #Youregonnanoticeus #PWABlacklabel

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Colosseum Opening Round Match: Matty Wahlberg vs Chris Basso


This match is perhaps the one match of the opening round of Colosseum with the most riding on it. Especially for Matty Wahlberg.

In the past year, Matty Wahlberg has been doing what he always does and running his mouth ahead of every big match. However, he hasn’t been able to cash the cheques his mouth has been writing. 

Outside of Walhberg’s one victory over Jimmy Havoc he has continually fallen short in the big one, most notable when the PWA Heavyweight Championship was up for grabs against Caveman Ugg. Since that devastating loss, Wahlberg took time away from PWA to compete on Survivor Australia, where he again lost. Before then returning to PWA to face off against former WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJP, again picking up a loss. Given this lengthy losing streak, it’s now time to put up or shut up and start picking up some victories. Can Colosseum finally be the moment for Wahlberg to prove he is more than just talk?

One man hoping to see Wahlberg continue on his losing way is South Australia’s, Chris Basso. Whilst Basso has respect for Wahlberg he is confident that his 17 years of experience will be enough to prove that Wahlberg is nothing but a contender.

Predicted winner: Matty Wahlberg

Chris Basso Colosseum

*Warning: SwearingHear from Chris Basso ahead of his opening round match against @Matty Wahlberg this Friday at PWA Black Label Presents: Colosseum 2019 – Night 1….🎟️Nearly all tickets are sold out! Get yours NOW or you'll miss out!🎟️🎥 See full event LIVE on OR find OVO on your IOS/Android Appstore 🎥#PWAonOVO #PWABlackLabel #YoureGonnaNoticeUs #NowWeConquer #PWAColosseum

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Rory Gulak vs Luchi

When Chikara’s own Rory Gulak laid out the challenge to anyone in PWA perhaps the last person he was expecting to answer the call was Luchi. Which is understandable given that for the past 3 months Luchi has been absent from PWA as he partook in training at the acclaimed Fale Dojo.

Now that Luchi has learned and matured in the Fale Dojo he is ready to return to PWA with a newfound fire. Can the technical mastery of Gulak overcome the heart and fire of a refreshed and determined Luchi?

Luchi training for Gulak

*Warning: SwearingRory Gulak may have an issue with the Nations, but he can't overlook his Night 1 match-up against Tree Hugger Luchi – Professional Wrestler!One of the worlds elite grapplers tests his skill in the Colosseum against one of PWA's best!….🎟️3 seats left. Total. Get yours NOW or you'll miss out!🎟️🎥 See full event LIVE on OR find OVO on your IOS/Android Appstore 🎥#PWAonOVO #PWABlackLabel #YoureGonnaNoticeUs #NowWeConquer #PWAColosseum

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PWA Heavyweight Championship #1 Contendership: Unsocial Jordan vs Carter Deams vs Marcus Kool vs Shazza McKenzie


Before Jack J Bonza utilizes his championship opportunity on Night 2 of the Colosseum weekend PWA management has chosen to already look towards the future. In order to do so the next PWA Heavyweight Championship, number one contender will be crowned on Night 1.

Competing for this top spot are two very familiar foes, and PWA stalwarts, Shazza McKenzie and Unsocial Jordan. Also taking part in this match are two relative newcomers in the form of Carter Deams and New Zealand’s Marcus Kool.

In the past, Shazza and Jordan have clashed numerous times over the PWA Tag Team Championships. There is certainly no love lost between these two as they always dish out everything they have in order to gain a victory.

For Kool and Deams this matchup represents a very significant opportunity in their respective PWA careers. In regards to Kool, he has only competed in PWA twice before, losing to Mick Moretti and losing in a fatal 4-way encounter, so he will be hoping to get his PWA career on track here.

Deams is perhaps best known in PWA as a member of The Babes alongside Matty Wahlberg. So will Wahlberg now off pursuing singles glory in the Colosseum tournament this is the perfect opportunity for Deams to do likewise by winning this one.

Caveman Ugg & The Velocities (Paris De Silva & Jude London) vs The Nations (Jack J Bonza, Mick Moretti & Adam Hoffman)

In both a preview of Night 2’s PWA Heavyweight Championship match and a rematch of August’s PWA Tag Team Championship clash the current champions of PWA will join forces to take on The Nations.

The sheer volume of talent in this match makes for a mouthwatering affair. Mick Moretti, Caveman Ugg and Paris De Silva are coming into this one hot off their Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) debuts. The Nations also enter into this one with significant momentum having recently made the finals of the Chikara King Of Trios tournament for the second year running.

For Jack J Bonza this matchup presents an opportunity for him, or his team, to weaken his Night 2 opponent Caveman Ugg.

Night 2

Colosseum Semi-Final Match: Jessica Troy vs Matty Wahlberg

These two combatants are two of the hottest prospects in not only PWA but all of Australia. With so much fan support behind them combining with their undisputed talents, it seems inevitable that these two will cross paths in Colosseum.

We all know that Troy loves to implement the armor to gain a win. What fewer people know though is that Wahlberg is an acclaimed MMA athlete in his own right, and as such may prove to be the perfect foil to Troy.

Predicted winner: Matty Wahlberg

Colosseum Semi-Final Match: Ricky South vs Travis Banks

It’s fully expected that both men will walk into this contest donning the scars of their opening-round contest. That’s unlikely to hold either man back though in this one.

Both men are known for their vicious striking and will be looking for a knockout victory.

Expect to see a lot of fans in the crowd wincing in pain as they watch this one. For the competitors whoever progresses is certainly going to be in rough shape for the Colosseum final later in the evening.

Predicted winner: Travis Banks

Colosseum Final: Matty Wahlberg vs Travis Banks

After picking up a huge victory over Jessica Troy in the semi-final round Matty Wahlberg will be walking into this contest cockier than ever. However, he better be careful because his opponent is no slouch.

Travis Banks conversely will have had to traverse a monumental tough physical road in order to even reach the Colosseum. A task which will likely prove to be too much to withstand.

Predicted winner, and the man who picks up the biggest victory of his career: Matty Wahlberg

PWWA Championship #1 Contendership: Steph De Lander vs Big Fudge vs Royce Chambers vs HeadHunter Rig

On Night 1 PWA will have crowned a new top contender for the PWA Heavyweight Championship and in Night 2 they will do the same for the PWWA Championship.

With the PWWA Championship now open to all competitors the field of contenders as expanded exponentially. Entering into this clash will be the hottest female talent in the country today, Steph De Lander. After capturing the newly created Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) Women’s Championship last weekend De Lander will enter brimming with confidence as she looks to begin her journey towards her first PWA gold.

Standing in her way will be three young men who are all looking to prove themselves as championship-caliber competitors.

Big Fudge needs no introduction to PWA fans, as he is perhaps one of the most loved wrestlers in the company. Unfortunately for Fudge, he will be facing a significant disadvantage as he walks in as the smallest competitor in the match.

HeadHunter Rig made an immediate impact during his PWA Black Label debut in a -6-way matchup also featuring Robbie Eagles, Jude London, and Paris De Silva last year. Although winless in PWA so far he has shown that he is within a whisker of getting that first victory and then going on a tear through the roster.

For Royce Chambers, this will be his PWA debut. Having made a huge splash in MCW last weekend this is his opportunity to immediately jump into the championship scene in Sydney.

The Nations (Mick Moretti & Adam Hoffman) vs Rory Gulak & ??

Last weekend The Nations allowed an outsider in Rory Gulak to team with them at a smaller local show (Future Wrestling Australia) in Sydney. During that contest, Gulak would ultimately get pinned, which annoyed The Nations and saw them subsequently attack Gulak post-match.

Following the match, Moretti would issue a challenge to Gulak to find a partner to take on himself and Adam Hoffman in tag team action.

The major question is, who will Gulak find to join him given this is his first time competing in PWA?

The Nations lay down a Challenge

The Nations lay down a beating and a challenge to Rory Gulak for PWA Black Label Presents: Colosseum 2019 – Night 2Who will Rory Gulak find to fight alongisde him?🎟️Nearly all tickets are sold out! Get yours NOW or you'll miss out!🎥 See full event LIVE on OR find OVO on your IOS/Android Appstore 🎥#PWAonOVO #PWABlackLabel #YoureGonnaNoticeUs #NowWeConquer #PWAColosseum

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PWA Heavyweight Championship: Caveman Ugg vs Jack J Bonza

After winning the PWA Rumble back in August Jack J Bonza now receives his opportunity at Caveman Ugg’s PWA Heavyweight Championship.

Ever since seeing off challenger Matty Wahlberg in March Caveman Ugg has only competed inside a PWA ring once. This is something that has very much annoyed the easily angered Bonza. As such Bonza will be looking to take the most coveted prize off the shoulders of the Caveman. Thus returning the title to ‘its rightful home’ in The Nations.

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