RUSH And La Bestia Del Ring Discuss their Departure From CMLL


This past Friday at ROH Death Before Dishonor, RUSH won the ROH World Championship from Matt Taven in what was an extremely hard-fought match to a point that RUSH was not cleared for the television tapings the next night for the ROH Death Before Dishonor Fallout show on Honorclub. What was a great moment for RUSH and ROH, the story that wound up getting some serious attention had to do with what RUSH announced soon after his win.

In a brief 30 second video, RUSH and his father, La Bestia Del Ring announced that they were independent and were no longer in CMLL. RUSH would announce that he would explain further soon after about the situation and would get into a bit of detail about what was next for him. Earlier today, RUSH released a video from his new youtube account, “TORO BLANCO RUSH”, which you can now subscribe to.

In the video, RUSH thanked his family and all the fans who supported him throughout his career and dedicated his recent victory to all his supporters. He then thanked the late Paco Alonso for his 11-year career in CMLL and also made mention to Sofia Alonso, who currently runs the promotion and said that if she had complete control of the company he would have stayed with the promotion. He said that if she ever needs the Munoz Family, they will be there for her.

RUSH then thanked Mr. Franco Colombo, his trainer and who is part of CMLL’s programming department. He stated that while Mr. Colombo was not his uncle, that he always treated him like one and thanked him again for all his help in grooming RUSH.
He then quickly talked about how he and Dragon Lee always represented the promotion positively no matter where the two were.

La Bestia Del Ring briefly interrupted and thanked Paco Alonso and felt that he and his son went as far as they could go with CMLL and that there are more big-name talent to learn from and wrestle against. He also said that there was a feeling of constraint within CMLL, he would elaborate by saying that there was the feeling that one could not do anything without being punished and that talent there are being tied down and that the promotion is not allowing the talent to express themselves.

La Bestia then spoke to his critics who have labeled him as a “Bulto” and someone who could not wrestle, and then said he would prove all of his detractors wrong and show everyone what he can really do and who the real Bestia is.

RUSH then spoke and said that winning the ROH Championship gave him a sense of value and a new drive to seek out new challenges moving forward. He would say that his release from CMLL after the organization announced it via social media did not really bother him because he can now wrestle anyone from the likes of Santo, Demon, L.A. Park, Psycho, Pentagon, Fenix, and anyone else from around the world.

RUSH supported his brother Dragon Lee and stated that what CMLL did to him (releasing him via social media without him even knowing) was disrespectful to him and the rest of the Munoz family and that Lee was the only talent who put CMLL’s name in high regard outside of Mexico. He then said that the best is yet to come from Dragon Lee because Lee is much more disciplined than he is. RUSH wished his brother Mistico the best and stated that he hopes Mistico does not have to deal with the consequences of his and Bestias actions. (Mistico does not have a visa to come to the United States at the moment).

RUSH continued with his displeasure with CMLL and the handling of firing Dragon Lee by simply releasing a statement through social media and continued with saying that the little love he had for the organization was gone after that. He then repeats his appreciation for Paco Alonso and what he did for the Munoz family, but that he’s no longer here. RUSH finally stated “CMLL, Bye Bye”.

La Bestia Del Ring then reacts by saying that he knows that CMLL’s response to the situation will be that “any luchador is replaceable” and that the company will do what they have to do and go through their roster, but, because there are so many promotions out there, he and RUSH don’t have to stay in one place anymore. RUSH supported the statement by saying that he didn’t want to have his career become stagnant while in Mexico and that new challenges needed to happen. RUSH then calls out L.A. Park.

RUSH finished the video by saying that on Monday, there will be a press conference where he will announce his next project and that there will also be a surprise. He closes with saying he’ll be on youtube a lot more and that people will be able to see who RUSH, the wrestler is, and who RUSH, the husband and father and son is.

Here is the full video below: