Matt Taven Re-Signs With Ring of Honor

Loyalty goes a long way. Matt Taven revealed Saturday night at the Death Before Dishonor Fallout show that he has officially re-signed with Ring of Honor. Taven has been with Ring of Honor since 2012 and is proving once again for many ROH stars of the past that loyalty really is everything.

The now former ROH World Champion has been one of the centerpieces of ROH programming for the past couple of years, including his win at Madison Square Garden which may be the biggest in the history of the company earlier this year. His contract was nearing its end this month, which led to plenty of rumors of him making the jump to other companies but The Kingdom will be keeping it’s leader.

Now re-signed, the fight for Taven is to get back to the world championship that he lost on Friday night at Death Before Dishonor to RUSH. ROH is trending up in a lot of ways, and Taven now returning to focusing more on the Kingdom and the chase should lead to interesting days ahead. ROH had made it clear in recent weeks that they wanted to retain Taven because of everything he has done for them to this point and they managed to accomplish that.

Guessing the question now he is officially back is, what’s next? Does he really jump back in line and chase RUSH? Or is it a back of the line situation here. One has got to assume that Taven wants his title back, but plenty can happen prior to make Taven change his mind. With The Kingdom by his side, it certainly isn’t out of the question to get back to that promise land. But different horizons are surely possible for the former champ, including new opponents as ROH continues to evolve.

Congrats to Matt Taven on signing the brand new contract with ROH, here’s to hoping he can have even better years ahead.