RUSH, Dragon Lee And La Bestia Del Ring Released From CMLL


CMLL has released RUSH and Dragon Lee from its organization. La Bestia Del Ring is also out. The story coming out of Mexico was that Dragon Lee, after participating in PWG’s BOLA against CMLL’s orders was replaced by Soberano in a “Relevos Increibles Match” that was set to take place at tonights 86 Aniversario show. Of course, we would see a surprise appearance by Dragon Lee at tonights ROH: Death Before Dishonor however when he participated in a multi-man match.

Lee was also taken off other future booking CMLL had advertised him for this coming week. The belief is that Dragon Lee is not under contract with CMLL as is, nor with any other organization. Lee has mentioned in a recent interview on CMLL Informa that he was ready to face fresh faces in the promotion, even to go as far as to mention facing his brothers, Mistico and RUSH.

What’s more notable is that RUSH has not been on any CMLL shows for quite some time. Some wondered if he was going independent. It wasn’t after RUSH won the ROH World Title tonight at Death Before Dishonor, when in a quick 30-second video, he confirmed with his dad, La Bestia Del Ring that as of this very moment, the two were independent, signifying not being signed with CMLL. RUSH still has a deal with ROH that’s set to expire in a few months as he only signed on with the company for one year.

The impact this has is quite crucial as the Munoz dynasty was considered the most popular family in CMLL with Los Ingobernables regularly main eventing nearly every Arena Mexico show. Dragon Lee has been an asset to New Japan Pro Wrestling and was recently the company’s Junior Heavyweight Champion. Lee still has some unfinished business with Hiromu Takahashi, which is a story that has vested interest stemming back since 2018 when Lee accidentally dropped Takahashi on his neck, leaving Takahashi out of wrestling since.

RUSH has been a staple and a face of CMLL for years and has been instrumental in the success of Los Ingobernables since the factions inception, creating stars such as Tetsuya Naito who we know created a spin-off faction of Los Ingobernables, LIJ – Los Ingobernables De Japon. What’s more, how will this affect Mistico, who is the other brother of RUSH and Dragon Lee? Mistico was involved in a match tonight in CMLL where his team of Caristico and Valiente lost in a trios championship match with La Nueva Generation Dinamitas trios.

Another piece to the puzzle in all this is that since Sofia Alonso took over, Chavo Lutteroth, Sofia’s uncle, has taken over the finances, of CMLL, sources say, and has been cutting back on guaranteed money of several of the top stars, Dragon Lee included. With RUSH and La Bestia Del Ring leaving CMLL and Dragon Lee possibly no longer working with them, will they be able to use their names that have been established for so long? CMLL owns the Mexico trademarks to the names above as well as Mistico. It’s possible the promotion does not let the talents use those names any longer.

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