Recap: Hitting The Marks Interview With ROH’s “The Bouncers”

The Bouncers

In an exclusive interview with ROH tag team, The Bouncers, Michael Jargo of The Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast sits with the two to discuss various topics such as:

  • Their early influences in pro wrestling
  • Silas Young
  • Their upcoming match with Silas Young and Vinny Marseglia¬†

Here are just a few highlights from this exclusive interview.

Jargo, in honor of the duo, cracks open a cold one but unfortunately has to play catch up with the two as he is trailing them by 6 or more beers. Jargo begins the conversation with who their early influences were in pro wrestling. Here’s more.

Beer City Bruiser: 

“When I was 7 years old, my uncle, who’s still a big wrestling fan today and loves that I’m in the professional wrestling business, took me to a fair here in Wisconsin, and it was an AWA show that was going on. And they had a lot of the guys back in the day, but the match that got my attention was Bruiser Brody versus Stan Hansen, and they just started brawling all over the place and I remember Brody coming right by me and my uncle and I’m 7, so to me Brody was 11 feet tall and he was just covered in blood and doing the huff and I remember turning to my uncle and saying “THIS IS AMAZING”!”

Brian Milonas: 

“For me, it was Hulk Hogan all the way, I was a Hulkamaniac from the word “go”, you know it’s funny, there’s a picture of me floating around on the internet of me, I’m 4 years old rocking the Hulk Hogan sweatshirt. So it’s that era of pro wrestling that I really fell in love with, the 80’s, the larger than life characters, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff, Andre The Giant, Ted Dibiase…that’s what really made me love professional wrestling.”

Jargo asks Both men about their early days inside ROH and forging his relationship with Silas Young:

“Beer City Bruiser”:

“Silas and I started training around the same time, he was just training about an hour north of me, so coming up through the independents it was always just Silas and I Silas and I and people started wondering who was really the better wrestler in the midwest. And when I got to Ring Of Honor, you know they threw us together, you know like here’s a guy who really doesn’t like anybody and here’s a guy who loves to drink beer and doesn’t care let’s throw them together they’re both from Milwaukee and we just had in-ring chemistry. we went into this feud with War Machine and it just kind of took off. Once we wanted to do the six-man title that’s where we found Milonas and brought him into it, but then I had more chemistry with Milonas than I did Silas, Silas didn’t like that he kind of got a little jealous of it, we parted ways and Milonas and I kinda I went there out as The Bouncers and, Vincent being the mind game freak that he is you know, when TK went down with an injury, still wanted to mess with us and decided to go down the path of not only myself but Brawler too, he wanted to find something that would affect both of us you know. Silas being the piece of human garbage he is you know, jumped on it and now here you are Friday Death before dishonor you know, it a tag team match for the ages.”

Brian Milonas:

“Our paths in Ring Of Honor are pretty similar me and bruiser in that we both came in from the top prospect tournament and then from there its just trying to find something, so whenever there was an opportunity I just took whatever was handed to me and tried to make the most of it and then the opportunity came up to join up with Bruiser and Silas and it was a no brainer. I was really excited about it thought we would be something good but I guess Silas young had other ideas and, its strange I had been a singles guy for a majority of my career, and I think that’s largely because I hadn’t done tag stuff and it’s really hard to find somebody who you have good chemistry with and for me and the bruiser from not only in the ring standpoint but if you look at us it looks we’ve probably wrestled for two decades at this point…”

For the whole interview, please listen to this fantastic audio