Minoru Suzuki Unmasks Liger, Calls out “The Demon”

At NJPW Destruction in Kagoshima on Monday, a 8-man tag battle between Suzuki-gun and a team featuring Jushin Thunder Liger erupted into chaos, as Suzuki-gun was disqualified and Minoru Suzuki unmasked Liger in the melee.

Photo: NJPW

Following the incident, an irrate Liger challenged Suzuki to a showdown, but post-match, Suzuki laughed at the idea. “With that mask, you’re Jushin Thunder Liger. A bastard under a mask,” Suzuki chuckled to the camera. “That’s not who I want. I want the other one. I want the real you.”

While it hasn’t been confirmed by NJPW or Liger himself, Minoru Suzuki is most likely referring to Liger’s demonic persona, Kishin Liger, “The Demon”, who made an appearance back in 2006 at the CTU 2nd Anniversary event, where the unmasked (but heavily painted) Liger revealed a demon gimmick part inspired by KISS Demon Gene Simmons with a healthy dose of anime and kaiju.


Kishin Liger was a more radical departure from Jushin Liger’s more athletic style, with a more savage and aggressive nature. With Liger on his retirement tour, unleashing “The Demon” Kishin Liger one more time before he hangs up his boots (and mask) for good would be an exciting match for Liger, especially against the nefarious Minoru Suzuki. Whether this would be his retirement match at Wrestle Kingdom 14 next January or earlier, is yet to be determined.

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