Preview: PWA – Break Their Backs And Make Them Rumble (8/30/19)

Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) returns to Max Watts and OVOPlay streaming this weekend with a stacked card featuring international talent, two championship matches, and the first-ever PWA Rumble with Break Their Backs And Make Them Rumble.

One of the most popular matches of the yearly wrestling calendar is the Royal Rumble. This weekend PWA look set to deliver their own unique take on this format. The PWA Rumble will feature 30 combatants in an over the top battle royale format with the winner going on to challenge PWA Champion Caveman Ugg at Night 2 of the upcoming Colosseum Tournament weekend.

For fans unable to attend Max Watts this Friday PWA will also be live streaming the event via OVOPlay

Break Their Backs And Make Them Rumble
Photo: PWA Black Label

Preview: PWA – Break Their Backs And Make Them Rumble

PWA Tag Team Championship: The Nations (Jack J. Bonza & Mick Moretti) (c) vs VeloCities (Jude London & Paris De Silva)

Break Their Backs And Make Them Rumble
Photo: PWA Black Label

Two of the best tag teams in Australia are once again set to square off this Friday night.

The VeloCities earned this opportunity thanks to their victory in a trios match at the most recent PWA Green Label show, Quack To The Future. That encounter would see the team of Paris De Silva and Mat Diamond enlisting the help of Mike Quackenbush to battle it out against the Nations team of Jessica Troy, Mick Moretti, and Adam Hoffman.

In their two previous championship opportunities, the VeloCities have fallen just short of capturing the gold. However, now with another year of experience and world-traveling under their belt could now be the time for them to finally capture tag team gold?

TJ Perkins vs Matty Wahlberg

Photo: PWA Black Label

After losing in his match against PWA Champion Caveman Ugg the brash Matty Wahlberg left both PWA and the country in order to soul searching. During his time away Wahlberg rediscovered his inner fire, competitiveness and the reason he has been a ‘Survivor‘ throughout all of his wrestling ups and downs.

This journey and the life lessons which it encapsulated would pay dividends at PWA Call To Arms when Wahlberg would make his triumphant return to the company as The Babes (Matty Wahlberg & Carter Deems) would defeat The Kelly Gang (Jackson Kelly & Will Kiedis).

With Wahlberg already being confirmed as a participant in the upcoming Colosseum tournament, he is unable to compete in the PWA Rumble. So in order to keep his momentum rolling towards the tournament Wahlberg is hoping to “make his name off” international superstar TJ Perkins.

This will be Perkins first appearance in PWA and is going to be an incredibly difficult test. In the lead up to this matchup Perkins competed in the grueling NJPW Super J-Cup, so will that play a factor in this encounter? 

PWWA Championship: Jessica Troy (c) vs Mat Diamond

Photo: PWA Black Label

After defeating 5 other competitors last month Jessica Troy confirmed that she is the undisputed top of the PWA Women’s Division. Which prompted Madison Eagles to announce that gender-based division would be ending in PWA.

With the gender barrier now abolished Mat Diamond will be the first man to challenge for the PWWA Championship. Diamond earned this opportunity via his pinfall victory over Troy in the aforementioned trios match at PWA Green Label.

Will Troy continue to dominate and add to her “arm collection” or will Diamond make history by becoming the first-ever male PWWA Champion?

Concrete Davidson vs Unsocial Jordan

Break Their Backs And Make Them Rumble
Photo: PWA Black Label

The two leaders of two of the most controversial groups in all of PWA are finally set to clash 1v1.

SMS leader Unsocial Jordan has used every dirty trick in the book, whether that was gang attacked or sneak attacks from behind, to get the upper hand against Black Shirt Cool Group (BSCG) leader Concrete Davidson. This Friday though, all of the outside variables will be stripped away Ricky South, Tyler Payne and Jax Jordan have all been banned from ringside.

Will this match finally see SMS and BSCG settle their feud or will the mysterious BSCG “third man” finally reveal himself to turn the odds in their favor?

PWA Rumble

30 man over the top rope battle royales are well known, tried and true methods of crowning a new number one contender. However, in PWA with so much talent on the roster picking a favorite for this match is going to be no easy task.

Some of the hottest tips would be the ‘Prize Bull’ Sam Osborne, ‘Full Force’ Mat Rogers, the ‘Python Powerhouse’ Steph De Lander, Ricky South, Shazza McKenzie or perhaps one of the undefeated Prefects (Billy Preston or Jimmy Townsend).

Perhaps it could even be a shock entrant from outside of PWA, such as former PWA competitors Rat Daddy, Tommy Knight, Adam Brooks or Indi Hartwell!

Without question though whoever comes out of this match victorious will have certainly earned their opportunity to challenge Caveman Ugg.

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