SmackDown Highlights Rundown – Ali and Murphy Steal the Show (8/27/19)

Smackdown Highlights

Heading into SmackDown LIVE, there was plenty of hype heading into the King of the Ring matches, including one that was sure to steal the show. Here are the Smackdown highlights:

Smackdown Highlights (8/27/19)

King of the Ring Night 4 Results

King Of The Ring
Photo: WWE

The hype was alive and well as the final night of Round 1 took place with two matchups to solidify the first round.

King of the Ring First Round & SmackDown MVP: Ali vs Buddy Murphy

The match that everyone hoped and expected to steal the show. Ali vs Buddy Murphy is a match people have seen on the 205 Live brand but it taking place on SmackDown only opens up their greatness to even more fans who may not watch 205 Live. Ali and Murphy shook hands before and after the match as the attempted to one-up each other in the first round to get a shot against Elias. While words may not do this match justice, it was one that looked to go either way before the final bell. Murphy would hit a Powerbomb into a Kamigoye knee and into a Brainbuster to get a near fall. As the match ended, Murphy would be hung up in the ropes. Ali would hit an insane Satellite DDT on Murphy, allowing him to hit the 450 Splash and move onto the next round. If there is anything to go out of your way to see, it is certainly this one.

King of the Ring First Round: Chad Gable vs Shelton Benjamin

This one was far shorter, but still rather entertaining. The former tag partners went one on one as Chad Gable was seen as the ultimate underdog of this tournament and Shelton Benjamin did his best to let him know that. Gable would not go down, however. After the former Olympian and former NCAA All-American battled for a few minutes, Gable would win when he reversed Shelton’s Powerbomb attempt into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb pin to steal the victory. Gable will face Andrade in the next round.

#AndNEW: Drake Maverick wins the 24/7 Championship

Smackdown Highlights
Photo: WWE

It feels like it has been a while since the 24/7 Championship hunt has really been on television. Elias, the now-former champion, sat on the King of the Ring throne, possibly giving a preview when Kevin Owens would surprise him and beat him down. He would then hit a Stunner on Elias in the middle of the ring before taking off. R-Truth would attempt to pin Elias before Drake Maverick showed up and pulled Truth out of the ring. He would then pin Elias to become the new champion has he left jumping up and down.

SmackDown was a smooth show this week, highlighted by the Ali, Buddy Murphy match that left the fans on their feet.

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