Preview: AAA Lucha Libre – Conquista Total Gira 2019 (7/18/19)

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In just a few hours, AAA Conquistal Total Gira will be underway with what looks to be the final big show before Triplemania XXVII on August 3rd. Things are getting hotter and hotter for the promotion and everyone involved on this card. AEW will also have some involvement tonight, as well as IMPACT Wrestling. Here’s a brief look at what’s to come from the major stories and matches for tonight, which airs live at 10pm EST on AAA’s Twitch channel.

Dr. Wagner Jr, Pentagon Jr. & Psycho Clown vs. Blue Demon Jr., Rey Escorpion and Texano Jr.:

As the main event of Triplemania comes near, we may very well be seeing one of the final matches for either Wagner Jr. or Demon Jr., both men have vowed that if they lose the main event, they will not only either lose their mask or hair, but, they will walk away from this prestigious sport. Blue Demon has back up though in the form of Mercenario members Rey Escorpion and Texano Jr. as they’ve both have helped Blue Demon weaken Wagner Jr. on the journey to Triplemania. However, Wagner Jr. has some strong back up with the help of Pentagon Jr. and the Ace of AAA Lucha Libre, Psycho Clown as he too has had an issue with Los Mercenarios. Who will win tonight and have the upper hand in the main event of Triplemania? Will it be Wagner Jr. or will it be Blue Demon Jr.?

Taurus & Daga vs. Cody Rhodes & MJF:

AEW will be on hand as Cody Rhodes gets his revenge on Taurus who jumped him months ago during the “Rey De Reyes” event while Cody was still injured. Cody has his protege in hand in MJF while Daga will be tagging with Taurus. A few stories herein that one, Cody is looking to decimate the bull of AAA, two, how will the team of Cody and MJF work together? We’ve seen MJF get really shady with Cody on past episodes of BTE. Does MJF have a hidden agenda with Cody? Will we see some of it come to light tonight? or is he really going to work with his friend the “Roller Codester” and help defeat the team of Daga and Taurus? And what about Daga in all this? Daga is coming for all the titles in AAA at the moment and has a point to prove of being the best. Could Daga also have his eyes set on making a statement tonight through the beating of the EVP of AEW and his friend? We’ll see soon enough?

Brian Cage vs. Killer Kross:

This match while being announced very recently will come as a battle of the monsters with Killer Kross, the Devil Of Monterrey going up against a questionable healthy Machine in Brian Cage. Kross is one of AAA’s true monsters with a track record of being undefeated for years while destroying anyone in his way. Brian Cage has shown at IMPACT Wrestling that he too is a force to be reckoned with as proven during the road to Slammiversary and the at the Slammiversary event itself. What will happen when these two forces collide? Who will come out on top?

Faby Apache, Taya, Nino Hamburguesa vs. Tessa Blanchard, Keyra and Dave The Clown:

In a mixed six-person match the main story here is that La Reina De Reinas champ Keyra while teaming with Tessa Blanchard, will still be the target. At Triplemania Keyra has to prepare herself from a table, ladders and chairs match against all the women involved in this match. There’s no telling how Keyra could end up at the conclusion of the match. Also, Tessa Blanchard and Taya have their eyes set on one another in a grudge that may culminate at AAA’s debut show at Madison Square Garden soon. Stay tuned to tonight as this match may end up with winners or no winners at all.

Big Mami, Eclipse and Dinastia vs. Lady Maravilla, La Parka Negra and U. Maldito:

Big Mami may finally get her hands on Lady Maravilla tonight as the temptress has for months try and seduce Big Mami’s tag partner Nino Hamburguesa. This problem quickly developed into an ultimatum issued by Big Mami to Nino Hamburguesa which forced him to choose between her and Lady Maravilla. Could we see some revenge in the form of physical harm inflicted on Lady Maravilla for her seductive ways? or will she be able to escape Big Mami tonight and finally persuade Nino Hamburguesa to be with her?

In other matches tonight we’ll see:

Laredo Kid, Puma King & Aerostar vs. Averno, Chessman & Eterno

Golden Magic and Ladi Shani vs. Villano III Jr. and La Hiedra

Stay tuned to AAA’s Twitch channel as the show begins promptly at 10:00 pm EST.

Photo: AAA