Buffalo Rising: Buffalo Brothers Ride Again

Seven months ago the Buffalo Brothers faced the greatest of challenges. What a difference seven months can make in the lives of four men that were in the midst of making their way back to the ring. For Kevin Bennett, Puf, Kevin Blackwood and Daniel Garcia these four men’s lives were nearly ended when a car accident derailed their careers. In each case, these men were emerging as not only top talents in their home promotion of Empire State Wrestling in Buffalo, NY but in Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s SMASH Wrestling.

Each of these men was riding a wave of success that would see them all as prominent figures in both promotions. Kevin Bennett was on the verge of challenging then SMASH Wrestling champion, Tariq, Daniel Garcia was in the midst of a best of five series with The Endorsement Sebastian Suave, Kevin Blackwood has just broken free of the shackles that followed him as part of Kill/Screen and Puf was part of a feud with John Greed. Each of these men were gaining attention and were as committed as anyone to their craft. Then the unthinkable happened as a piece of black ice caused their car to slam into a guardrail.

The accident left Kevin Bennett and Puf with minor injuries but it was Kevin Blackwood and Daniel Garcia whose injuries seemed so major that some would question their futures. They all put those doubts behind them as they slowly returned to action one by one. Bennett captured the SMASH Wrestling championship, Puf was actively booked in matches against John Greed, Daniel Garcia recently captured the ESW Heavyweight Championship and now Kevin Blackwood appears to be in contention to capture the Limitless Wrestling Vacationland Cup for 2019. The winner of this tournament will face Maxwell Jacob Friedman for the Limitless Wrestling championship. Will he emerge victorious in the tournament?

In any event, their success shouldn’t be measured in wins or losses but rather how they took a nearly tragic situation and emerged better than ever. Weaker people would have rested on their laurels but these four men showed their pride in coming out of a dark place into something greater.

Buffalo Brothers Kevin Blackwood

For Kevin Blackwood, his return to the ring is for a promotion that has generated quite a following of its own in the U.S Northeast in Limitless Wrestling. His return brings with it the emergence of an UNKILLABLE persona. The name is so fitting after the ordeal that he and his Buffalo brethren had endured. His return to the ring also signifies new opportunities as well. In a few week’s time Blackwood will appear for Toronto, Ontario based promotion Destiny Wrestling and face one half of the current IMPACT Wrestling tag team champions the Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander. It is now a case where all four Buffalo Brothers will have returned to action.

These four men could look at the glass as being half empty. That their lives were nearly taken from them and everything that they had worked for essentially gone in an instant. However, this isn’t who they are and this wasn’t going to be a moment in which all of them collectively decided not to perform anymore. What fans are witnessing is the growth of four men that are not only going to succeed but will do so with the knowledge that a second chance proved to all watching just how good the Buffalo Brothers are.