Dragon Lee Defeats Barbaro Cavernario In Arena Mexico

On this past Tuesday’s CMLL Arena Mexico Show, Dragon Lee issued a challenge to Barbaro Cavernario after Cavernario blatantly took off Dragon Lee’s mask, low blowing him, and losing the match for his team without any regard. After the challenge was issued, Cavernario accepted while calling himself the king of one-on-one matches. Tonight’s match was either a put up or shut up moment for CMLL’s Caveman.

The match began to a rough start for Lee when Cavernario immediately jumped him from behind while still with his ring entrance gear on. After taking out the ring and back into the ring, Barbaro began to work on Lee’s neck with a stinger on Lee from the top rope. Cavernario would then attempt to take off Dragon Lee’s mask, a big no-no in Lucha Libre. Cavernario continued with the brutal beating to Lee and defeated Lee in the first fall with his patented second rope plancha finish.

In the second fall, Cavernario proceeded to take Lee out to the commentator booth and smashed Lee’s face to the booth, then taking Lee to the other side of the ring floor and throwing Lee towards the audience. Lee seemed to be hopeless at this point with zero offense. But the turn came in favor for Lee after lifting his boots up from a second attempt from Cavernario to Lee with the second rope plancha. Lee QUICKLY gained the momentum and threw Barbaro outside the ring and would hit him with 2 tope suicidos and bring him back to the ring and pin him with the La Majistral cradle for the pin, leaving the two competitors tied at one apiece.

In the third and final fall, we would see the match itself escalate. A chop fest would begin the fall followed by Lee getting the upper hand, getting Cavernario outside the ring and utilizing his aerial skills and hitting Cavernario with a Tope Con hilo, from there, the tide seem to run in favor of Lee, that is until Cavernario gained a second wind and knocked Lee to the outside of the ring and hitting Lee with splash. Cavernario thought the ball was in his court, but the match quickly went back and forth with Lee hitting Cavernario with a delayed dropkick to the corner, but to no avail as Cavernario was still able to get Lee with a series of stomps. Lee would quickly turn the match to his favor after hitting Cavernario with a standup Spanish fly.

The conclusion of the match came after Lee out of nowhere was able to hit Cavernario with a series of moves, until he was able to finish off Barbaro Cavernario with his finish, the Dragon Driver, getting the 1,2,3. There’s no telling if this rivalry will continue or not, but this is the second encounter between these two thoroughbred athletes and every time they battle it out, the chemistry between them is magic.

Watch the match for FREE at the 2:17:00 mark of the video below